T-H Marine Hot Foot Adjustable Slide Mount - $55.99

The T-H Marine G-Force Hot Foot Adjustable Slide Mount allows you to easily adjust the position of your Hot Foot Boat Throttle. Great for multiple drivers of differing heights or changing the pedal position for maximum comfort on long runs, it provides over 5-inches of adjustment. Durably constructed with extruded aluminum and stainless steel, the T-H Marine G-Force Adjustable Hot Foot Slide Mount will keep you comfortable in the driver's seat.

-Easy Adjustment of Hot Foot position
-Stainless Steel Fasteners & Release Pin
-Allows 5" of Slide Adjustment
-All extruded aluminum and stainless steel construction

Check out the Hot Foot Original Foot Throttle and the Hot Foot Pro - Top Load Foot Throttle.

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T-H Marine Hot Foot Adjustable Slide Mount

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T-H Marine Hot Foot Adjustable Slide Mount $55.99

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