TD Tungsten Colored Insert Bullet Weights - $3.99 to $8.99

Featuring smooth plastic inserts, which helps protect your fishing line from excessive wear, the TD Tungsten Colored Insert Bullet Weights are composed of 95% tungsten, 3.5% nickel and 1.5% iron. The higher density of tungsten allows for more compact presentations, making the weights less likely to snag or get hung up in cover. Tungsten is also much harder than lead, so it makes a louder, more distinctive sound, calling to fish as it knocks against a bead or off rocks. Available in several colors for more accurate presentations, the TD Tungsten Colored Insert Bullet Weights offer a more affordable option for fishing tungsten.

1/16oz - 5 per pack
1/8oz, 3/16oz
- 4 per pack
1/4oz, 3/8oz - 3 per pack
1/2oz, 3/4oz - 2 per pack

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TD Tungsten Colored Insert Bullet Weights

3 Available Colors Sign up for TD Tungsten Terminal Tackle news and updates.

  • Black
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/16 10+ $3.99
    1/8 10 $3.99
    3/16 10+ $4.29
    1/4 10+ $4.99
    3/8 10+ $5.99
    1/2 10+ $5.99
    3/4 10+ $8.99
  • Brown
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/16 10+ $3.99
    1/8 9 $3.99
    3/16 10+ $4.29
    1/4 10+ $4.99
    3/8 9 $5.99
    1/2 7 $5.99
    3/4 10 $8.99
  • Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Price Qty
    1/16 9 $3.99
    1/8 6 $3.99
    3/16 10+ $4.29
    1/4 10+ $4.99
    3/8 12/10 $5.99
    1/2 12/10 $5.99
    3/4 10+ $8.99

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Comments: These are the best value in tungsten and very durable paint. You can't go wrong with these

From: Dave: Columbia MD

Comments: Tungsten is where its at sorry... Lead is just to big look at 1/2 lead weight and 1/2 tungsten lead is more than double the size.. And with these inserts it stays inline better.. I use greenpumkin baits alot and the greenpumkin weight blends perfectly... Use tungsten you will catch more fish

From: Peter: NH

Comments: Great weights but it seems like there are a few sizes/colors that are always out of stock and the dates that they'll are rarely accurate. Not Tackle Warehouse's fault as the manufacturer didn't send the product to them when they promised. The last time I put in an order for 3/16oz black it said they'll be in stock in 3 took over 3 months. I'd only order these weights if the ones you want are in stock and not backordered.

From: DE: Phoenix, AZ

Comments: Great weights!  Durable, Paint doesnt chip,  and the insert is quality and protects your line.  Dont pay more than you have to or do more work than you have to.  Buy em with the inserts in em and go fishing!

From: Andrew: Warner Robins, GA

Comments: Great product! Insert makes it stay inline better with smaller diameter lines.  Paint holds up extremely well.  Perfect bullet shape.  Cheaper and better quality than Tru Tungsten!

From: David: Winnsboro, LA

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