From the coast of California to the Swamps of Florida, the Teckel USA Honker Frog features a classic design that has been proven to put Donkeys in the boat. Created by Japanese lure maker and tournament angler, Hideki Maeda, the Teckel USA Honker Frog was designed using a classic amphibian shape and action that anglers and bass still can't stop thinking about.

The Teckel USA Honker Frog features two metal feet attached at the rear of the bait using premium ball bearings. These metal feet generate a unique waking effect that is sure to grab the attention of bass lurking beneath the vegetation. Additionally, the Teckel USA Honker Frog also features a built-in weight that makes casting a breeze, and ensures that it won’t land upside-down. The combination of a razor-sharp Gamakatsu double frog hook and an extremely collapsible body gives the Teckel USA Honker Frog a strong strike-to-hookup ratio.

Building upon a proven croaker profile, the Teckel USA Honker Frog delivers a slightly different look that frog-hungry fish won't pass up. 

Teckel USA Length Weight
Honker Frog 2-3/4" 1/2oz

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This lure is highly effective. I have gotten bass & tiger musky, there is a great deal of action created on the surface of the water. However; the body often needs to be adjusted as it doesn't sit right within the weedless hooks and you will likely miss a lot of fish. Overall, a great lure with a couple drawbacks, one of the most effective weedless frogs available. Colors also aren't very good. The bluegill color is best, but not currently available for some reason.

From: Aaron: Minneapolis, MN 8/28/16

Comments: This frog is sick! When you real it in slow the metal legs bang against each other & make it look like bait fish flipping on top. The sound the and flash the blades make are completely unique to anything I've seen. My local lake is known for its frog fishing and I've had a lot of blow ups on this thing. Whether the fish want bait fish, blue gill, or frogs this covers the board. Really excited to see what it does for me this year!

From: Bgood419: OH 6/15/16

Comments: I really have to take back the things I said about this frog. It has stopped sinking. It has a great hookup ratio & I haven't tuned it. The other day I caught 6 fish on the black with yellow head. No misses. Try it you will like it.

From: Beau: NE 5/21/16

Comments: Incredibly versatile & effective. Great consistency between each bait. To my surprise it does not take in water as easy as the first glance would suggest. Most importantly, it gets choked without hesitation.

From: Drew: Australia 5/13/16

Comments: I've jumped between multiple frogs but this one consistently gets a blow up & for whatever reason, it has a great hookup ratio as well. It does not tear/sink even after 20+ bass, good price, attracts bass even under windy condition. what else can you ask for? I just wish Teckel makes a popper frog. This frog is so good that I can't find a reason to pick up the Whacker Frog.

From: Toshiya H: Schaumburg, IL 8/27/15

Comments: These frogs work great on the water. Never had to squeeze water out of any of them.

From: T-Funk: DC

Comments: Don't be fooled by the awesome colors and presentation! These sink in about 3 seconds! Both of them I got sank! That sucks cause I was really pumped to use it!

From: Beau: Panhandle, NE

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