The Professor Krystal Vision Optics & Screen Cleaner

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How many times have you set out for a day on the water and dropped your trolling motor only to find that you can’t make out anything on your sonar screen? Most likely, it’s a result of improper or inadequate cleaning of your sonar unit.

The Professor Krystal Vision Optics & Screen Cleaner is designed specifically for cleaning today’s sonar and GPS units. Most household cleaners don’t work, and many can damage your expensive equipment. Incredibly effective, you won't believe how well it will clean your screen from anything your boat comes in contact with flying down the water, or anywhere else you might be.  The Professor Krystal Vision Optics & Screen Cleaner is also great for cleaning, motorcycle helmets, boat visors, LCD screens of every kind, binoculars, camera lens, etc.

Includes spray bottle, polishing cloth, instructions, and semi-water proof bag.

“If you look through it or into it - see krystal-clear with Krystal Vision”

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great product, cleans the screen well and keeps your glasses from fogging up keep one in the boat and one in my truck. Works well on Ipad screen too.

From: Chris: Cookeville, TN

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