The Rod Glove Bait Glove

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Designed to secure your rigged bait to your rod, the Rod Glove Bait Glove is constructed from durable, flexible rubber backed canvas and features a quality velcro attachment. It also comes with super small edging for reduced hook snags, and its low profile makes it easier to get rods from your rod locker. Wrap it around your rod first to protect your blank’s finish from treble hook scratches, then wrap the velcro tight to keep your Bait Glove and bait in place. Protect and organize your gear with the Rod Glove Bait Glove.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: They work great except trebles tend to get snagged along edge material or strap stitching and yes the color does bleed into baits somewhat. They need to find another material that doesn't bleed and then weld the straps on rather than stitch.  Same goes for the edge.

From: Zeth: Oakland, CA 2/9/15

Comments: Can't recommend due to the red bleeding from the wrap. Ruined a few baits because of it. Love the idea & concept they just need to figure out how to get rid of the bleeding and they're all set.

From: Z man: NC

Comments: The red color from the wrap bleeds heavily onto your soft plastic baits and completely changes the color. It would be a great product (especially to wrap up A-Rigs on your rod) if the color didn't bleed but because of this I certainly would not recommend it.

Comments: I bought 2 of these last summer. I used them a fair amount but could not recommend them. The red color bleeds into soft baits (like for alabama rigs) and hooks get caught in the stitching for the straps. The velcro "wallet" deals work better, in my experience.

From: Jeb: Rogers, AR

Comments: Just bought these the other day, and must say they keep my rods and tackle tangle free! It's a great advantage to have when carrying multiple rods...Great for the tourney fisherman or anyone who travels with several rods....They definitely keep the lures secure to the rods and snag free! Get sum you won't be sorry!

From: Shark: Where Blue Angels Fly

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