The Rod Glove Casting

Made with Tapered Tips - The best design for your rod locker!

Made with expandable sleeving, which is sized for the perfect fit and easy on/off for your rods.

Protect and organize your casting rods with the Rod Glove Casting Rod Covers.  100% made in North America, the Rod Glove Rod Covers are a perfect way to protect the investment you’ve made in your fishing rods.  Also great for eliminating tangles and organizing your rods by color, they feature a tapered tip design that makes them easier to get into your rod locker too.  Available in a variety of colors, the Rod Glove Casting Rod Sleeves are the same rod covers Professional anglers: Gerald Swindle, Brent Ehrler, Dave Wolak, Gary Dobyns use to stay on top of their equipment, and keep their rods from sustaining unnecessary damage.

Fight Fish - Not your rod cover

Covers guides on Standard Casting Rods - Up to 7-1/2 feet in length

21 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Highly recommended. Fits 6'8" Denali perfectly. Anything longer I'd go with the XL. 

From: Justin: Noblesville, IN 8/10/15

Comments: As someone who doesn't have a boat but fishes as a co-angler in tournaments, this product is a life saver! No more tangles, no more frustration of transporting rods from one boat to the next. This product is very efficient and I am a happy customer!

From: Jeremy: Wixom, MI 3/5/15

Comments: Awesome product! No more tangled rods a half n' hour before sunrise when the fish are Busting!Will have one on my Rods from now on! For 6'6" rods need to order the standard size( up to 7.5').

From: Ricky: Spencer, VA

Comments: just got my 10 blue spider in, amazing! So much better then the original stick jackets. Heavier and thicker material plus the hard wrapped  tip. And not nearly as expensive. Will always have one on my rods, when traveling and stored in the rod locker.

From: Jonathon, TN

Comments: after purchasing my first one to try, I realized what an awesome product it was and how much it really does protect your rods. Since then I have put one on ever rod I own. I have not had 1 busted eyelet or any rod issues and my rod gloves saved me more times then I want to admit. Well worth it to protect my expensive rods.

From: Nicholas: WI

Comments: This is a good product but you should be aware the overall length is 64" & the usable length is only 61".  The picture shows it extending almost to the reel, but on a 7' rod is will be 9" short of the reel.  TW or the manufacturer should print the length so you can decide which one to order. 

From: Don: TX

Comments: Awesome product. Highly recommended. not bulky at all, just enough to add a little extra protection to the vulnerable portion of a rod. Eliminates tangle in an open style rod locker like mine. I went from being able to store 6 rods with major headache to storing ten rods with less headache. Trebles will cause you problems at times but you have to pick your battles when it comes to storing lots of rods.

From: Nate: Pasco, WA

Comments: These and all of The Rode Glove products are exactly what I am looking for when it comes to not only protection. but organization as well. Since getting my first one, I have not had one rod issue. I am tough of rods through contstant use and transport. These are the best that you can get!!

From: Nicholas: WI

Comments: Just bought a new tracker boat, and as much as i love it, the rod locker is nearly useless. I cracked the blank on a 6'6" rod trying to get it into one of the bottom "slots." these covers are golden to me now. I can still place all my rods in the large open space in the bottom of the locker and get them out with relative ease. They also come in handy when traveling or fishing in someone else's boat. I don't like paying $6 for each one, but i'll take that over the frustration of tangled rods or a broken one.

From: Dan: WV

Comments: The Rod Glove is by far the best rod protection you can buy hands down, I have looked and even tried some of the others, dont waste your time or money, Rod Glove is the way to go!

From: James: Madison, FL

Comments: awesome, awesome, awesome

From: Matt: TN

Comments: great product when your traveling w/ rods.  I fish w/ my dad and have to travel to and from w/ rods and was tired of having tangled eyes and lines.  bought 1 for each rod and am very happy with the results. bought several colors too so i know what rod is in each.  jig, worm, crank and finesse.

From: Jeff: NJ

Comments: I ordered a couple of the Rod Gloves to attempt to resolve a tight locker situation in my new Bass Tracker boat. The angle I have to put my rods in is so extreme I honestly didn't think custom rod lockers or any sleeve for my rods would so anything. well after a quick call to their customer service department I felt at ease and ordered 10 through TW. It was one of the best investments I've made for my boat to date. It not only looks cool, but now my rods slide in and out with ease and are protected as well. Thanks for making an exceptional product!

From: Brent: San Diego, CA

Comments: i have one of these and it has saved my guides countless times

From: Brayden: IN

Comments: These are hands down the best rod covers you can get. The tapered ends work great and no more tangled up rods in the box.

From: Lance: Livingston, TX

Comments: I wish I bought these first. I bought the other ones with grommets on the end and my tips would pass through the end, defeating the purpose of having covers. I bought covers because I transport my rods in the bed of my truck all weekend and I have a short bed so I have to put them diagonally and they just fit. Once my tip got stuck under my bed covers frame and I knew I got lucky when it didnÕt get ruined. These are hands down better than the other brands. I have put pressure on them and the tips still donÕt push through.  They are also lighter at the tip than the other covers. No more tangled lines or rods and it makes taking them in and out of my truck and boat a snap. I wish I had bought these years ago. They are well worth the investment to protect your rods.

From: Adam: NY

Comments: These are the best rod protectors out there!  They go easily in and easily out of rod lockers!

From: Trent: Alabama

Comments: These are great!  While I've never had any problems with the metal grommets on other brands, the tapered tips make these easier to get in and out of rod lockers.  Besides that, they keep my rods looking great without scuffs and scratches.  Easy hook removal too!

From: Anthony: Toledo, OH

Comments: This is what I've needed for so long. I took all the rod tubes out of my boat when I got it so I could fit more rods in the rod locker. What a mess that was...I got a hold of these and there's been no looking back. I can stuff so many rods in my rod locker without tangles or having to wrap the line around the rods. It has definitely made me more efficient. The tapered tips are a big advantage because they wont let a rod tip poke out the end. All my co anglers have them to and love them!

From: Jeff: Michigan, USA

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