The Rod Glove Casting Reel Glove

Designed to protect your expensive baitcasting reels, the Rod Glove Casting Reel Glove is durable, easy-to-put-on, and quality made. Constructed from 4-way stretch neoprene with all the edges stitched and finished for longer life, it fastens to your rod, and is available in 2 sizes for the perfect fit on your baitcaster. The Rod Glove Casting Reel Glove also won't kink your fluorocarbon line.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have one of these for each of my reels. If you are going to sell your reels - you are going to get a lot more $$ for them because the rod glove keeps them looking brand new.

From: Matt: Canada 11/20/16

Comments: there is a major design flaw with these reel covers that forces you to use two hands to secure the cover in place instead of one. on one end are two "fingers" that wrap around each side of the handle shaft. to close the reel cover, you have to simultaneously hold both of them in place while you use your other hand to put the cover piece over them. what they should have done was put the velcro on top of where the logo currently sits instead of the bottom side and, on the "fingers", put the velcro on the bottom side instead of the top. that way, you can just slide the cover over the reel, secure one side and then secure the other...this would only require one hand.

From: Norm: Sacramento, CA 6/16/14

Comments: If you're looking for a reel cover for smaller reels, these covers work great.  I use them on my Shimano 50 size reels and they fit just right.  I'm not sure how well they would fit bigger reels though.

From: Paul: MN

Comments: Not that thrilled with these. Ordered 3 to try them out. THey don't provide full coverage of the reel. I like the TW ones much better.

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