Tightlines UV Whisker Beaver 4" - $5.99

Delivering all of the bass-catching appeal of Tightlines’ UV coloring combined with a patented whisker design, the Tightlines UV-Whisker Beaver offers is one of the most lethal flipping baits on the market. Overflowing with appendages, the Tightlines UV-Whisker Beaver features super-soft silicone whiskers that protrude from the mid-section along with large flapping claws and a set of lively pinchers.

Poured using a special secondary UV coloring, the Tightlines UV-Whisker Beaver is designed to reflect UV lighting rather than absorb it, so the bait stands out underwater 4-to-7 times better than standard soft plastics. Constructed with an extra-meaty body and hook pocket along the bottom, the Tightlines UV-Whisker Beaver pairs perfectly with heavy flipping gear. Offered in a number of proven colors, the Tightlines UV-Whisker Beaver features an unreal level of attraction that big bass are sure to devour.

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Tightlines UV Whisker Beaver 4

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  • Black
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  • Blue/Black
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  • Craw
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  • Green Pumpkin with PBJ
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  • Watermelon Red
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