Top Brass Peg-It Pegging System

Top Brass Peg-It Pegging System

The Peg-It system, from Top Brass Tackle, is probably the best way we've found to peg your bullet weight when you don't want it to slide on the line. The Peg-It is a long, thin, tapered piece of rubber with a flat nail head at the end. The idea is to push the narrow end into the base of your bullet weight until it sticks out the pointed end and pull it the rest of the way through until the nail head contacts the base of the weight. Now just stretch the rubber and clip it off at the top of the weight and it will stay securely wherever you want it. The soft rubber peg will not damage the line, like a toothpick can, and the weight can be moved up and down the line easily. The Peg-It is slightly thicker than the Peg-It II and will work for weights with a larger bore diameter, like some of the tungsten weights with the plastic 'straw' removed. Once you use the Peg-It you will never use a toothpick.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Been using these pegs for a few years and I agree with the other reviews about these being the best peg to use. They're rubber and grab the line better than the plastic versions like this. Very easy to use and inexpensive. Never tries the bobber stopper but don't see any reason too either. The Top Brass pegs work great! Getting ready to order a 100pk since I'm getting down to only 10 to 20 or so left in my boat.

From: Ronny: Rowlett, TX 3/23/14

Comments: best "pegs" out there. Easy to use. Cheap. No damage to line. Holds the weight...simple. Others try too hard to be "innovative" or's a freakin PEG! An upgraded toothpick...these just work and that's it. Buy em if you ever like ur weight to stay put.

From: Tanner: Southeastern, Massachusetts, United States of America

Comments: truly a great peg. real easy to pull through the weight and little to no sliding of the weight while fishing it. ill definitely be buying more of these

From: Tom: Ova Yonda, US

Comments: This product is the best.  I have used Bass Pro and Cabelas.  They are plastic, have very litle stretch and will not hold after the line slids up and down a couple of times.  Have to crimp the sinker to keep it in place, which has a tendency to scrape the line.  With the Peg-It product it seems to grab the line and hold without scrapping the line like the other products do.  The Peg-It stretches and is easier to pull through the weight without breaking off.

From: Geno: Kimberling City, MO

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