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Tired of having your hands and fingers feeling fatigued after a long day of fishing? Try the Trigger Happy Comfort Grips and relieve yourself of the discomfort caused from gripping hard plastic rod triggers all day.  The ergonomically designed Trigger Happy Comfort Grips slip right over existing rod triggers, and can be left on permanently or transferred from rod-to-rod to maximize the comfort of each rig. Offered in multiple colors, the Trigger Happy Comfort Grips are a simple way to make a long day of fishing more comfortable.  

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Fantastic product with great customer service. I suffer from many issues from previous hand injuries & the Comfort Grips from Trigger Happy for both spinning & casting rods have made a full day on the water again  much less painful. They add comfort plus a "solid connected" feeling to your rod reel combo. Had an issue & Loren the owner had replacements to me ASAP. Worth every penny! GO PACK GO!!

From: Bill: Green Bay, WI 4/30/16

Comments: If you are looking at reviews on this product, then you are definitely trying to find a way to make long hours of fishing comfortable! These are great! They are easy to put on & they stay on! They have great grip but are not sticky as to attract dirt. They maintain their grip for many years! They fit universally on most rods. The only rod I had a problem with was my Phenix Recon 2 rod. IF your rod has a trigger that is short & wide, then get the grip that goes around the rod & not this one. Feels great & lasts, what more could I ask for?

From: Paulito: San Diego, CA 3/3/16

Comments: so I was given a set of these at a tackle shop one day. WOW, I am satisfied. That was over one year ago, and I still have the set he gave me, plus one on every rod. The original set he gave me is still in tact. Definatley makes fishing more comfortable. I prefer the ribbed ones for cranking, jerking, and top waters, while the smooth ones are best for flipping/ punching. IMHO. WONT EVER FISH WITHOUT THEM AGAIN.

From: Steve: Folsom, CA 9/9/15

Comments: I met the owner at the boat ramp and he gave me a couple to try out. At first glance I was extremely skeptical but then i thought, these were invented for a reason,so I tryed them out. WOW, these are amazing, very comfortable and I no longer have pain or blisters in between my fingers from the trigger of my rods. I am definitely putting these on all my rods especially for salmon in the fall.

From: Simon: CA 6/9/14

Comments: love these spinnerbaits. almost as much as the fish do

From: Scott: Pittsburgh, PA

Comments: I was skeptical at first but thought what the heck, I'll give them a try and bought a pack. I fished one day with them and now they are on all my rods. Best $6 you'll ever spend..........

From: Dustin: Fair Oaks, CA

Comments: Best new fishing product of the new year.  Will add a significant number of casts to your day on the water.  Tournament anglers will increase hook up percentages simply due to less hand fatigue, which can make or break a long day on the water.  The difference between using a THCG and not is so noticeable that not spending the $6 to give them a try is a huge mistake. 

From: Eamon: Tampa, FL

Comments: these grips really works who ever came up wi this idea is a geniuses i have them on all my rods.once you put them on an get use to them you will not take them off.

From: Gary: stocktn,ca.

Comments: I fished 2 days on the Delta, 1 Day without the Grip and the 2nd with the grip.I felt a total difference in how the Grip made holding the rod way more comfortable and keeps from pinching your finger on the hard plastic trigger.I highly recommend this product.

From: Martin: Fresno Ca U.S.A.

Comments: These grips are absolutely 100% worth it. I fish many tournaments during the year and they take the pain out of your fingers after a good day of ripping lips. The best part about this product is that they are great for multiple species, especially for bigger fish. I would absolutely recommend trigger happy grips. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED

From: Arlando: Sacramento , CA

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