Trigger Happy Comfort Spinning Grips

The Trigger Happy Comfort Spinning Grips are a soft rubber grip that fits around the support arm of your spinning reels to provide a more comfortable fishing experience.  Designed with an ergonomic shape, the Trigger Happy Comfort Spinning Grips provide a sure hold, even in wet and humid conditions. Easy-to-install and offered in a number of colors, the Trigger Happy Comfort Spinning Grips are an inexpensive and quick way to makes sure that your spinning set-up is a little more enjoyable. 

Instillation Instructions:

-Place the smaller end over the front-most foot of the spinning reel.
-Carefully insert a screwdriver through the grip and use the back most foot of the spinning reel as a leverage point.
-Carefully stretch the grip around the back of the reel foot and slide the screwdriver out as the grip snaps into place.
-Adjust the Trigger Happy Comfort Spinning Grip into the desired position.
-Go Fish.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Fantastic product with great customer service. I suffer from many issues from previous hand injuries & the Comfort Grips from Trigger Happy for both spinning and casting rods have made a full day on the water again much less painful. They add comfort plus a "solid connected" feeling to your rod reel combo. Had an issue & Loren the owner had replacements to me ASAP. Worth every penny! 

From: Bill: Green Bay, WI 5/1/16

Comments: Great product - greatly reduces finger fatigue. However, purchase twice as many as you need, as no matter how careful you are, you will tear one for every one you successfully install. But once installed - awesome. I couple with the Reel Grips Pro Series handle grips for a completely new feel.

From: Mike: Las Vegas, NV 11/20/14

Comments: I also purchased and I accidentally tore one the manufacturer replaced right away. Great customer service and great product these really help from sore fingers. I will purchase again and highly recommend these.

From: Tom: Acworth, GA 6/20/14

Comments: I can't begin to explain how great these things are. Just fished a three day tournament during the smallmouth spawn. The spinning trigger happy grips were clutch when bed fishing for three days straight. Took the strain off the area between my middle and ring finger. Too bad they Dont make anything to relieve "Bass Thumb"!

From: Ken: USA 6/3/14

Comments: great product saw the product at a amateur tournament so I bought a pack just to support local companies but after trying them for one 8 hr fishing trip switching back and fourth from the reels that had them and the reels that didn't its a huge difference in comfort you don't really notice because we're so use to fishing without them but no more sore fingers for me all 20 reels spinning and baitcasting now have these comfort grips great product.

From: Dwayne: CA 5/25/14

Comments: I use these on all my spinning reels its a great product I did have some issues  on the installation I contacted the manufacturer he replaced them rite away I would have to say it was the best customer service I've ever had.

From: Bill: VA 4/25/14

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