Trik Fish Original Camo Line 1/4lb Spool - $8.99

Trik Fish Original Camo Line offers the angler a significant advantage over standard nylon line. Trik Fish Camo line is made from Perlon, a copolymer that maintains its strength even after being stretched almost to the breaking point. Regular nylon fishing line will weaken after severe stretching, causing problems with knot and line strength later. The Camo color will disappear in a fish's natural underwater environment, getting you more bites. The legendary Trik Fish Original Camo is a great all around fishing line.

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Trik Fish Original Camo Line 1/4lb Spool

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Trik Fish Original Camo Line 6lb 1980yd-1 $8.99
Trik Fish Original Camo Line 10lb 1500yd-1 $8.99
Trik Fish Original Camo Line 12lb 1080yd-1 $8.99
Trik Fish Original Camo Line 15lb 830yd-1 $8.99
Trik Fish Original Camo Line 17lb 700yd-1 $8.99
Trik Fish Original Camo Line 20lb 650yd-1 $8.99
Trik Fish Original Camo Line 25lb 520yd-1 $8.99

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Comments: This stuff has been around forever. It is AWESOME. Not really made for spinning reels, it's stiff, but a great utility line, think BIG GAME, but a little smoother and cooler looking.

From: Jay6: USA

Comments: This line runs deeper than the braid I've been using and it doesnt break on the cast like flourocarbon tends to do. I've tried a few higher priced monos but surprise the cheapest seems to be the best.

From: Greg: AL

Comments: I have used this line for three years, and love the way it handles. However, on two occasions I have had it break at the end of a long cast. It may have been from past over-runs, and operator error. I still recommend this line in 12# camo, especially for crank baits, and top water.

From: Skip: Guilford, CT

Comments:I use a lot of different mono lines for different applications. This is a go-to mainstay most of the time, especially throwing heavy large baits. I've been pounding this line in tests 8# through to 30# on size 05 Extremes to Abu c5's to Diawa M-Ones for the past five years. On baitcast gear it has perfect stretch, high abrasion resistance and exceptional break-strength. You can get an easy hook-set, yet have the stretch for lure-saving during a heavy hard cast that goes off the rails, and big fish stay on. I've not missed feeling light takes that I'm aware of. The camo colour is perfect through the weeds, cover, dappled shade, evening/morning and bottom-dragging. No leaders req'd. My favourite trolling line too. I've looked at the Suffix camo & think I'll stay with Triple Fish. I suggest no greater than 12# on spinning/spincast reels.

From:Cliff Jumper: Canada

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