Tru-Turn HitchHikers - $2.49

The Tru-Turn HitchHiker allows you to equip any hook with a screw-lock style baitkeeper. Simply thread it through the hook's line eye and screw on your bait.

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Tru-Turn HitchHikers

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Tru-Turn HItchHikers Large 6pk $2.49
Tru-Turn HitchHikers Medium 7pk $2.49

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Comments: Ok, Here you go. If nothing else is working try this. Get a pack of these medium sized HitchHikers. Snap a #3 Gold Willow Leaf Blade (I use BPS Blades. Short $$, the fish make off with them)on and screw it into the end of any kind of dark worm after biting about 1/2" off. I like 5" unweighted Senkos. The fall rate I think is perfect. A couple of lite jerks then let it fall a bit then lightly jerk it again. They like the Senkos anyway and the now flashy tail is tough to resist. When nothing else is working instead of heading back to the ramp try this. It might save the day

From: Rudy: FL 5/14/14

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