The original pork trailer - the Uncle Josh #11 Pork Frog has been used for years by the weekend angler, as well as, current top bass fishing pro's. This trailer is ideal for cold water situations or when a slower fall is needed. The #11 Original Pork Frog is super soft and flexible for a natural flow in the water and a natural feel to bass when they pick it up. Also loaded with salt for the right taste so bass hang on longer, fish the Uncle Josh Pork Frog as is straight out of the bottle, or add a little bit of meat tenderizer to soften it up for added action.

Length Quantity
2.4" x 1" 4

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Even with the downhill quality, these baits are still producing decent bass for me.

From: Joe: Milwaukee, WI 4/8/16

Comments: my meat looks better after I yank on it for two hours! What is the problem uncle josh? Have you been going to see your uncle rick in Gatlinburg! A Lot!the quality is way off. I would rather use plastic.

From: Horsehead Stanley: USA 5/28/15

Comments: These baits have went way down hill! Wonder whats the problem? I looked at 25 -30 bottles in texas red and I wouldn't buy any of them! they were deformed and the quality was way way off!!!! Please fix if you wanna continue to sell. If it is wrong when you send it out, it will be wrong when the consumer purchases it!

From: Uncle Mutt: TN

Comments: It's true that you will likely get some tough ones in a bottle.  Just beat the snot out of them with a meat tenderizing mallet and add some meat tenderizing powder to the brine....problem solved.

From: Joffrey: Canada

Comments: Uncle Josh #11A was all I used on my jigs, but in the last year or two there quality is in the toilet.  You might get one or two (if your lucky) good baits in a jar.

From: Andy: IN

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