VMC Finesse Half Moon Jigs 4pk

When the fishing gets tough, sometimes downsizing your presentation is the key to getting bites. The VMC Finesse Half Moon Jig can be used in much the same way you would a shaky head. The hollow back of the Half Moon Jig Head allows you rworm to fit snuggly for a more natural presentation, and the jig’s unique pleated weight distribution provides a wider profile. Also featuring a glitter finish, each VMC Finesse Half Moon Jig features a light-wire, premium hi-carbon steel hook with a forged shank and super sharp needle point.

4 per pack

2 Colors

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    Model No. FHMJ14-BK
    Size Stock Qty
    3/32oz 10+
    1/8oz 10+
    3/16oz 10+
    1/4oz 10+
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    Model No. FHMJ14-GNPPK
    Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Qty
    3/32oz 5
    1/8oz 8/30
    3/16oz 10+
    1/4oz 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great alternative for the Z-Man finesse mushroom heads(since there always out of stock). I use these for fishing Ned rigs. Work very well with Z-Man T.R.D.'s. These are light wire hooks meaning you have to set your drag accordingly. The only time I straighten the hooks out is when I get snagged.

From: Jesse: VA 6/4/15

Comments: Absolutely the best shakey head on the planet. Light line, light rods or you will straighten it out, but that's what you want in a shakey head if you are using it as intended. This style bait holder lets the bait slide just enough for awesome hooksets- way better than the screw in type. Also, this baitholder faces the back of the jig which works better than the ones with it on the front.  Throw this just as the ice is coming off the lake- and go SLLLLLOOOOOWWW. Sometimes just cast it out and slowly shake it for 10 minutes in one spot.  Big fish are lazy and this is a freebie.  The fish will come get it. Catches the biggest bass of the year.  I catch more trophy bass on this than the Huddleston believe it or not.  Too many shakey heads have too thick of a hook and it's hard to get a hookset on light tackle, this is the first one I've found that does it right. 

Comments: worst jig hook i have ever used in my life on ever fish i caught the hook would bend, i even straighten a hook on 1 pounder, also when the fish take it deep i end upe accidentally snapping of the shaft of the hook..... DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

From: Rory: Victoria, MN

Comments: Holds up well for the most part but the shaft broke off on two average sized pickerel. Not impressed with the durability although the shape is ideal.

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