VMC Ike Approved Heavy Duty Flippin Hook 4pk

VMC Ike Approved Heavy Duty Flippin Hook 4pk

Made for heavy duty flippin', punchin', and pitchin', the VMC "Ike Approved" Heavy Duty Flippin' Hook combines 200 years of hook making experience with decades of tournament experience. Michael "Ike" Iaconelli, 2003 Bassmaster Classic Champion and 2006 Angler of the Year, integrated several of the tricks and tweaks that tournament pros have used for years to put winning fish in the boat, and applied them to the new and improved VMC Heavy Duty Flippin' Hook. Featuring a super strong construction that is designed for fishing braid and heavy fluorocarbon lines in thick cover, the VMC "Ike Approved" Heavy Duty Flippin' Hook also comes equipped with the hook eye sealed shut with smooth epoxy resin to prevent your line from slipping through or getting damaged. An injected bait holder with double spikes also secures any soft plastic in place, and the VMC "Ike Approved" Heavy Duty Flippin' Hook was even designed to have the optimum space between the eye and the injected bait holder to allow either snelled or standard rigging.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Quality hook at a great price, which is what I'm looking for with fishing. The quality you get for under $1 a hook is unmatched as far as anything I've found. We have a lot of laydown & wood cover around home & I've yet to bend one out.

From: Jordan: Canton, IL 3/22/16

Comments: Great hooks, great price. I have been using VMC for 2 years now after having my then go to owners roll. These hooks are superb along with the other VMC products i have used.

From: Jimbo: MD 1/4/15

Comments: I've been running these hooks along with Trokars and the Hack Attack and I can't honestly say that I've noticed much difference in quality. There'll all good. I may be slightly partial to the Hack attack but these are good hooks at a reasonable price. Don't hesitate to pick some up and save a few bucks.

From: Jello: Ontario 9/4/14

Comments: Great hook, especially for the money. The bait keeper works very well and doesn't slide down like the Gammy's or Paychecks. I have had the hook point roll a couple times but I haven't found a flippin hook that doesn't have the hook point roll occasionally. I'll definitely be buying more.

From: DE: Phoenix, Az

Comments: good strong hook, Very stout and to my surprize very sharp.. LOve how the bait keepers dont fall aprt like some other hooks, Will be buying these again when needed

From: Dan: SWFL

Comments: Good strong hook. Love how the keeper won't come down the hook, unlike almost every other brand. I'll buy them again!

From: David: Raymore, MO

Comments: The hook itself is pretty good, the keeper is a little cheesy though, cheesey and breaks easy, but for the price it is not bad at all.

From: J: Imperial County, California

Comments: Fantastic hooks, points don't roll like the do on Trokars, and the keeper stays put, unlike Gamakatsu. PLUS they are super strong, sharp as razors, and AFFORDABLE. VMC is changing the game on quality vs. value in the bass hook world.

From: Basswipe: Meatwads pond

Comments: Ive caught muiltiple big fish with these hooks.Punching,flipping and pitching. ive had one point roll but its still sharp and continuesto catch fish. GREAT HOOKS!

From: Mike: Riverview, FL

Comments: Not sure I'd call them heavy duty. When you put the hammer down these hooks flex and bend like a mother. Just thought I got a bad pack, gave them the benefit of a doubt and tried them again, nope! Same thing! Hackney's flippin hook is beast mode!

Comments: Super sharp hook, but the tips roll.

From: KVW: Charleston, SC

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