VMC Ike Approved Rugby Jig

Designed by 2003 Bassmaster Classic Champion and 2006 Angler of the Year, Michael "Ike" Iaconelli, the VMC "Ike Approved" Rugby Jig features a unique head that is a actually a cross between a round head and football head. Shaped just like a rugby ball, hence its name, it is one of the most versatile jig heads possible. You can fish it over rocks or gravel, through weed, around boat docks, anywhere you can think to throw it, and it imparts a killer side-to-side, rolling action to your bait. Its offset hook also allows you to Texas-rig soft plastics and its extra wide gap and super sharp point allow it to accommodate any style of soft plastic, while also increasing your hook up ratio. A recessed line eye even protects against snags, weeds, and abrasion from underwater obstacles. The product of 200 years of hook making experience combined with decades of tournament experience, the VMC Rugby Jig can be fished in any shaky-style application.

3 Colors

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    Model No. RJ116-BK
    Size Stock Qty
    1/16oz 2/04pk 10+
    1/8oz 2/04pk 10+
    3/16oz 3/04pk 10+
    1/4oz 3/04pk 10+
    3/8oz 4/04pk 10+
    1/2oz 5/03pk 10+
    3/4oz 5/03pk 10+
    5/16oz 4/04pk 10+
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    Model No. RJ116-BRN
    Size Stock Qty
    1/16oz 2/04pk 6
    1/8oz 2/04pk 10+
    3/16oz 3/04pk 10+
    1/4oz 3/04pk 10+
    3/8oz 4/04pk 10+
    1/2oz 5/03pk 5+
    3/4oz 5/02pk 7
    5/16oz 4/04pk 2
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    Model No. RJ116-GNPPK
    Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Qty
    1/16oz 2/04pk 10+
    1/8oz 2/04pk 10+
    3/16oz 3/04pk 03/13
    1/4oz 3/04pk 10+
    3/8oz 4/04pk 10+
    1/2oz 5/04pk 10+
    3/4oz 5/02pk 8
    5/16oz 4/04pk 02/26

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Love this jighead. I file the bottom flat to make zoom baits stand up horizontal at rest & fish them regular with Zman baits.

From: Richie: Frederick, MD 8/28/16

Comments: I love this jighead. I've been killing them this year with these paired with a trick worm with a tail dipped in JJ's Magic. Also landed my biggest of the year, a 5-10 largie on these. I use these with 8 lb fluoro and haven't had any issues with the hook bending out.

From: Dave: MA 6/12/16

Comments: Bought the 1/8 and 3/8 oz. The 1/8 line tie is recessed so much that you cannot attach it with a snap. The 3/8 can be attached by a snap. Just a heads up.

From: Phil: Fort Collins, CO 3/28/16

Comments: Wasn't happy with these. I got 2 sizes and both the eyelet for the line was so small it was tough to tie a Palomar knot. I switched to the Owner ultra finesse ball head and will not be ditching those anytime soon.

From: James: Rural Valley, PA 8/13/15

Comments: The best shaky head ever!! It goes through all kids of rocks better than any football head I've ever used! And the hook design on these things help give the baits the right action and have plenty of backbone to slam the hook into big ole beasts! I've caught many big fish on them and can't think of a time I've bent a hook on these! Also, the hook is bigger than normal shaky head designs allowing you to miss a lot less fish in my opinion. I don't plan to ever buy any other jig head for my shaky head applications!

From: Kevin: TN 6/18/15

Comments: LOVE this jighead. It has become my fav for ponds (1/8) and lakes (3/16). I mainly use it for baby bush hogs, lizards, etc. Great hookup ratio as well. Thanks VMC!

From: Mike: Cumming, GA 1/2/15

Comments: Great idea!!! Works great. I like it far better than the screw lock heads. It is by far better to rig on the go. I just wish they would make a heavy hook version for big fish and big line when needed. Thanks.

From: Buzzbait: Morgantown, KY

Comments: My new favorite shaky head. Grass, rocks, docks, wood.....it works in them all. No more annoying screw locks, or bait destroying lead barbs. For those bending the hooks out, these are made with a light wire hooks, which means lighter line and tackle. I have caught 50+ fish on ONE jig head so far, hook is still razor sharp, and strong. I am melting the lead off all my other shaky heads and turning them into drop shot weights.

From: Basswipe: Meatwads pond

Comments: I really like the action on this jig. Unfortunately, if you hook a big fish the hook bends and you lose fish.  I repeatly threw it thinking I was just having bad luck or wrong line. Lost a 7 pdr, cost me 3rd place in a tourney.  Then lost a few more.  If they beef up the hook, it's the best jig for a big craw.

From: 1Puttric: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Comments: This has to be one of the neatest hook and weight arrangments VMC has come out with. You just put the bait on the hook and your ready to go. No more adding weights and wasting time. GO VMC!!!!

From: Eric: NC

Comments: HA the exact same thing as the one he designed for tru tungsten. But even the true tungsten one was a great design but I had problems with the hooks bending. Maybe VMC fixed that problem. Plan on ordering some soon.

From: Jonathon: TN

Comments: By far the most versatile weedless jig head in the market! It gives nice action to my soft plastics, hook strength is just perfect for all rounder work. It is a no brainer!

From: Yu

Comments: my go to football head jig great for any soft baits

From: Patrick: USA

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