VMC Stand Up Shakey Heads 4pk

Designed with a flat-bottomed head that allows it to standup and rock enticingly on the bottom, the VMC Stand Up Shaky Head Jig also features an easy-to-rig spiral locking spring to firmly secure your bait.  Also featuring a new glitter finish, the VMC Stand Up Shaky Head Jigs come equipped with super sharp Vanadium Steel, Needle Point hooks and a 60-degree rotated jig eye.

4 per pack

2 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These hooks are pretty decent. Like everyone else Ive found out that the spring falls off so just took it off and rigged the hook like a flippin hook & it has worked very well for me! but i am going to go to the dominator shakey head instead.

From: Karson: Wheatland, CA 7/25/15

Comments: I like it, but make sure to pinch your screw lock so it doesn't fall off. They can literally fall off in the package. Nice paint. Decent hook.

From: Chris: ME 7/14/14

Comments: This is a terrible jig head. Spring comes off the hook and the point rolls over after a few fish.

From: Allan: NC

Comments: My favorite shakey head. Perfect w/ a Trick Worm!

From: Coltsfan: IN

Comments: I love these, they have sharp hooks and the price is pretty reasonable if you don't break off a lot. But that's where quality line comes in :D I'd give these a shot, my only complaint is that I wish they had a tag end on the end of the spring where I could stick it into the bait.

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