VMC X-Rap Tail Treble Hook 2pk - $3.49

Perfect for upgrading the rear trebles on your favorite lure, the VMC X-Rap Tail Treble Hooks feature premium natural feathers spliced with highly reflective mylar fibers. Constructed from strong Hi Carbon Cut Steel, the hooks are also equipped with Cone Cut Points for maximum penetration, as well as, a shorter shank for fewer snags. Available in a variety of color combinations to match different lure designs and colors, the VMC X-Rap Tail Treble Hooks are designed to provide your lures with that little extra action and flash - that can make all the difference.
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VMC X-Rap Tail Treble Hook 2pk

3 Available Colors

  • Red White
    Size Stock Qty
    4 3+
    2 2
  • White
    Size Stock Qty
    6 3+
    4 3+
    2 09/12
  • White Red
    Size Stock Qty
    4 3+

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Comments: Replaced the rear on my poppers with this hook. One word-RESULT-. The 4 lb smallie at my boat then took my popper and brand new VMC hook with him cause I made a crap knot-oops

From: bass-o-matic

Comments:  Great feathered treble, great value.  Significantly cheaper than all other featured trebles, yet still extremely sharp and strong.  I load up almost all of my lipped crankbaits with one of these suckers on the back.  Produces a nice, natural tail wiggling image that significantly increases bites.  I don't even want to tell  about the bass last spring when I let my pops borrow one of my cranks with a vmc x-rap tail treble.  All I will say is Sharelunker, and I'm not letting my dad borrow lures ever again.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

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