V&M Bayou Bullfrog 5pk - $3.99

The V&M Bayou Bullfrog delivers an aggressive topwater disturbance that frog-hungry bass can't pass up. Made from a durable, but soft plastic, the V&M Bayou Bullfrog features two lively paddle feet that sputter across open water or over vegetation to trigger bone-crushing strikes.

Along the bottom, the V&M Bayou Bullfrog is built with a special hull-shaped design, which corrects the bait to an upright position if it lands upside down, ensuring that every single cast counts. To provide the type of weedlessness necessary for fishing around heavy vegetation, the V&M Bayou Bullfrog features a hook slot along the bottom and raised eyes on the top that protect the hook point. Offered in a number of awesome amphibian colors, the V&M Bayou Bullfrog provides a lively frog profile that will terrorize the bass in your local waters. 

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3-3/4" 5
Baby Bass
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V&M Bayou Bullfrog 5pk

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  • Baby Bass
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  • Black
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  • Green Pumpkin
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  • Green Pumpkin Chartreuse
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  • Green Pumpkin Pearl
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  • Natural Toad
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  • White
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Comments: Love the body design which helps the frog run true & not turn over when you reel it in.

From: K: USA 11/3/15

Comments: This frog is as good as they get, Would seriously pick it over some of the go to frogs such as rage toads and gambler cane toads. It makes just as much noise, but what sets it apart is the hook slot. It easily compresses for hook sets and is far more durable then other frogs as well. Quite a bit louder as well.

From: Mark: Elkhart, IN 8/27/14

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