Vicious Braid Moss Green 300yd

Vicious Braid Moss Green 300yd

The definitive choice for strength and durability, the Vicious Braid Moss Green excels where monofilament and fluorocarbon fear to tread. Woven with the highest quality fibers, the line has virtually no stretch, allowing for bite detection at any depth and lightning fast hook sets. Designed with an advanced coating process, the Vicious Braid Moss Green eliminates abrasion and makes it resistant to the effects of UV rays and water absorption. For the perfect combination of power and finesse, the Vicious Braid Moss Green is the line you can count on.

Line Dia. 10lb 15lb 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 60lb
Inches .0047 .0063 .0071 .0094 .0126 .0142 .0161
Millimeters .12 .16 .18 .24 .32 .36 .41

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Vicious Braid Moss Green 10lb $22.99 1
Vicious Braid Moss Green 15lb $22.99 2
Vicious Braid Moss Green 20lb $22.99 5+
Vicious Braid Moss Green 30lb $22.99 11/1
Vicious Braid Moss Green 40lb $22.99 11/1
Vicious Braid Moss Green 50lb $22.99 11/1
Vicious Braid Moss Green 65lb $22.99 11/1

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Used the 30,40,and 50 pound test on my flipping and frog rigs. I had trouble with it sticking to the spool (due to the rough texture I'm assuming) I've been using power pro super slick and seaguar Kanzen and love both.

From: Josh: MS

Comments: i have this line on my flippin pitchin reel and rod i got it in 50lb and it is the bst line out there for flippin and pitching aloso a-rigs this line is not coated so it is a little rough but it cast really good on my rod and reel super tough and abrasion resistant, (just dont use with micro guide) really good line guys

From: Dale: Inwood,ontario canada

Comments: I bought some 40 pound test for topwaters. It is strong. Haven't snapped it yet. I'd rate it a 3 out of 5. It loses color from the first cast. It'll turn part of your reel green and get on your hands. It would be an awesome braid if they had a better dye.

From: Walker: Florida, USA

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