Voss Drop Shot Weights 6pk

Voss Drop Shot Weights 6pk

Featuring a patented one-of-a-kind design that reduces your likelihood of snagging by 99% - the Voss Drop Shot Weight will ensure that you're not losing tackle due to poor engineering. Extremely easy to attach - if you do get hung up, the Voss Drop Shot Weight's no-knot swivel allows you to simply "pop your rod, and keep on fishing." The Voss Drop Shot Weight is also constructed from high quality lead, making it a less expensive alternative to tungsten drop shot weights.

6 per pack

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Voss Drop Shot Weights 1/8oz 6pk $2.29 10+
Voss Drop Shot Weights 3/16oz 6pk $2.29 10+
Voss Drop Shot Weights 1/4oz 6pk $2.29 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These weights have worked well for me. I used one of them that lasted for a month of frequent fishing. I lost it due to the hook catching a branch in pond. I recommend them. They are inexpensive and do seem to get snagged less. I also use the really skinny tungsten weights and they work well too but are too expensive.

From: Pat: San Jose, CA

Comments: good thing there cheap because i lost three in the first 30 min i was fishing heavy rock bottom. i guess there awsome if you enjoy getting your bait back though haha. they fit really snug on my 8# flourcarbon but you still get cought up like any other wieght does then you just pull it off

From: Blake: OH

Comments: I have no problem having the keeper holding 6# test snugly. Way fewer snags and hardly any weed dragging. Note to Joe from SLO, are you snugging the line up into the skinny part? That's where it grabs the line.

From: David: So Cal

Comments: I have been using the Voss Drop Shot weight for approximately a year now, and would not fish without them. My local lake has lots of rocks and bushes that constantly take my weights. I fished one day, all day with the same 1/4 oz. weight and was amazed how badly nicked up it was, but still was on the end of my line.

From: Gary: Corona, CA

Comments: Not really sure how you can screw up a drop shot weight but congrats Voss you did it!! The line swivel is too large for any normal drop shot pound test (10-6lb) and you either have to pinch the swivel to make it tighter or just tie your line to the sinker. As far as 99% less snags, I would love to see how you conducted that test to give you those kind of stats because as far as I am concerned it is no different than any other drop shot weight as far as snags go.

From: Joe: San Luis Obispo, CA

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