Wacky Saddle Replacement O-Rings - $6.29

Whenever you run out of Wacky Saddle O-Rings for your Wacky Saddle Kit - pick up a pack of Wacky Saddle Replacement O-Rings - and get back to fishing.

Even better than your standard o-rings, the Wacky Saddle allows you to easily wacky rig various stick baits and worms, while also providing a much better presentation. You won’t go through as many baits, and your worm will sit perfectly perpendicular to the hook. The Wacky Saddle also provides a better hook-up ratio. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Wacky Saddle Kit

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Wacky Saddle Replacement O-Rings

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Wacky Saddle O-Rings Black Small $6.29
Wacky Saddle O-Rings Black Large $6.29

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Comments: I would like to see these in green pumpkin or watermelon color. I'm thinking that's next so holding on buying for now... Great idea!

From: MidwestBassGuy: Gardner, KS

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