Wave Away Sonar & GPS Cleaner

Wave Away Sonar & GPS Cleaner

Spot every little blip on your Sonar or GPS with the cleaning power of the Wave Away Sonar & GPS Cleaner. Safe for marine electronics, the Wave Away Sonar & GPS Cleaner is made without alcohol or ammonia, which can remove the protective coating from your screen. Additionally, the Wave Away Sonar & GPS Cleaner is also great for LCD television, mp3 players, or sunglasses. 

For best results, spray the GPS screen with a couple pumps of the cleaning solution, and then wipe it off using a microfiber cloth (included). Afterwards go over the screen once more with a dry section of the cloth. For hard water spots, leave the cleaning solution on longer, so it can really dislodge the grime. The Wave Away Sonar & GPS Cleaner can also be used for non-waterproof electronics, just spray the cleaning solution on the cloth rather than directly onto the item itself. Keep your screen clean so fish can be seen with the Wave Away Sonar & GPS Cleaner. 


-2.7-ounces of cleaning solution
-Microfiber cloth
-Soft carrying pouch 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I love this stuff. I use it for everything, phones, tvs, tablets, etc.

From: Holly: AR 3/6/15

Comments: Great product! I run touch 9's and keep this in my center storage. A couple quick sprays and wipe down with cloth provided and screen is like new. Even if you have dried water spots from weeks ago, this stuff will cut it with ease and have your screens looking brand new and crystal clear. Also works good with sunglasses and googles

From: Josh: Augusta, KS 4/17/14

Comments: This stuff just flat out works!  Removed stuff from my screens that nothing else has!

From: Bert: McKinney, TX 3/8/14

Comments:  Awesome product. I have not used a screen cleaner that works as well or as quickly in hard water spots! I always keep it in the boat and have lent it to others that have had no success with different products. Well worth the money!

From: John "Mini" Maniaci: Ster Hts, MI, USA

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