Wave Worm Molopo Fish Attractant

Wave Worm Molopo Fish Attractant
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Wave Worm could tell you about the countless hours they spent and fish they caught in developing the scent they call Molopo. They could even try to dazzle you with terms like, “scientifically formulated” and “synthetic polymers,” and make ridiculous statements like “now, you’ll have the unfair advantage,” but that’s not their style. The things that are most important to them (and they believe you as well) are the incredible results their customers have seen year-after-year. Use a shot or two to revive an entire bag, or a dab to give your bait a little extra pop before you cast. Give Wave Worm Molopo Fish Attractant a try - and you’ll see what they mean.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Fish like it and it doesn't smell like death. Win win! You'll have to either spray it into the bag of baits or a zip lock, spraying from the bottle to your bait is a waste and it'll end up all over your hands. Not PIMPIN.

From: Jay6: NJ 11/11/15

Comments: Been using the sticks and bamboo since I can remember and they were always one of the best,big fish after big fish. Molopo works everywhere and works great everywhere.

From: Dan: Canada

Comments: I guess one of my secrets will be out now. I've been a wave worm fan since they first began making their excellent tiki stiks, which are, by far, the best stick worms on the market. I'm a firm believer that their molopo scent makes bass hang on to the bait longer. My bites are usually very aggressive and numerous times the bass have choked it down. Now I can finally apply their awesome scent to all my soft plastics. Thanks wave worm and TW for carrying it!

From: Tom: North Charleston, SC

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