Xcite Baits MaXimus Worm 5pk

Xcite Baits MaXimus Worm 5pk

The Xcite Baits Maximus Worm offers a big-time underwater profile and a tremendous high-floating action. Since it's a high-floating bait, it works extremely well on a Carolina-rig, Texas-rig, or even on a drop shot aka a "Bubba Shot." Infused with X-Factor Attractant to call fish in from greater distances and available in a variety of colors, the Xcite Baits Maximus Worm has accounted for some huge bass across the Country, and it’s always a great choice when you need that kicker fish.

Pair the Xcite Baits X-Lock Shakey Head with the Maximus, it’s an irresistible combo for those big bass.

Length Quantity
10-1/2" 5

10 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great bait really does float hard to believe for a 10.5 inch worm but it does and doesnt fall over fish love it.

From: Lance: Livingston, Tx

Comments: I fish these on 5/8 oz. X-Lock shakey heads (also made by Xcite).  These worms truly do float and do not fall over on their sides like many other 'floating, shakey worms'.  These are also excellent for wacky rigging on a dropshot setup.  My only complaint is the price.  A dollar per worm is a little overpriced.  A 10 count, or even 8 count would be much more reasonable.

From: Bill: Flatwoods, KY

Comments: I fish this on a 1/2 oz  Titleshot MAG jighead as a large shakey head, deadly ! Definetely attracts bigger bass as well. Love this bait.

From: Robert: Battle Creek, MI

Comments: great bait, love it for fishing deep structure, fish eat the heck out of this thing, it floats so well it stands up off the bottom, fish cant resist it when u shake it

From: Nick: Texas

Comments:  Great carolina rig bait for BIG fish

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