Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Crayfish

Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Crayfish

The Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Crayfish delivers an incredibly lifelike, slow sinking crayfish imitation perfect for tempting largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass. Featuring Yo-Zuri’s patented 3D Prism Finish and Wave Motion Technology, includes a realistic prism egg sac with UV properties for added realism and attraction. Its jointed tail articulates as the bait is fished as a jig, or retrieved with a slow swimming action just above the bottom.

A 1/0 heavy duty double J-hook delivers rock solid hook sets, and a heavy duty cable weed guard helps prevent snags. Available in an array of colors, the Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Crayfish delivers one of the most lifelike crayfish imitations on the market.

Yo-Zuri Length Weight Class
3DB Crayfish 3" 3/4oz Slow Sinking

6 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is a good bait if you use it in deeper water, but it is extremely fragile. I caught a nice 4 pound bass off of it & then I threw it in a tiny limb & the line wrapped over the limb & I jerked it out & all I came back with was the tailpiece of the bait cracked in half where you tie on to. I've never had a bait crack like that from such a small limb in 25 years of bass fishing, so you definitely need to baby it & not use it when fishing the banks.

From: Jeff: OH 5/25/16

Comments: Bought this lure in the Prism Red color just to try something new. My first cast after putting it on at my local reservoir, a solid 2 1/2 lb bass absolutely crushed it! I found that jigging the lure a little bit & then pausing often entices a strike. The fish will usually hit at the pause.

From: Kyle: Orange County, CA 5/22/16

Comments: Really good bait. Caught a 4 pound bass on it so far. I'd only use it in deep water though, because I threw it into 1 tiny limb on shore and jerked it out & all I came back with was the small tailpiece that you tie on to, so it's definitely pretty fragile.

From: Jeff: OH 5/20/16

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