Yum Pumpkin Head Standup Jighead

Every feature of the YUM Pumpkin Head Standup Jighead is maximized for catching bass. The YUM Pumpkin Head's flat head and hook angle allow soft plastics to stand upright, imitating a feeding baitfish, amphibian or a defensive crawfish. A horizontal line tie provides solid hooksets, while the corkscrew bait keeper positions each bait at a perfect angle. Available in several sizes, the YUM Pumpkin Head Standup Jighead is a proven performer when the bite gets tough.

1/4 & 3/16: 3pk
5/16, 3/8 & 5/8: 2pk

2 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Wow my go to hook. 1/4-3/8 6/0 with big bites 10" Kreitail Worm... best setup for going big... for you guys losing lures from casting you must be doing it all wrong cause i have never had it happen even when i hook a big bass... i give this hook a 9.5/10

From: Lazy Angler: Winona, MN 6/9/15

Comments: Great Hook Great Design, Yum stole the idea from the X Lock though,,,, I bite off the end going in the screw in and the worm last longer and stays on better

From: David: KY

Comments: We can all thank Edwin Evers (E2)- BASS Elite Series Pro for developing the premier power shaky head jig for those of us who subscribe to : "Go big - or go home" !! I like the 1/4th oz on up for combining with a Zoom Mag Finesse or Trick Worm , Ultra Speed Craw , 5 inch+ Senkos , Bite Me Craw Pappy , Yo' Momma , etc. For tackle consider a baitcast reel of choice with a 7'0" MH Fast rod and 12lb+ Flourocarbon line ... For Bass  ...It's like swimming along and coming upon a free  : "Biggie Size Combo Meal" !!

From: Chris: North Georgia

Comments: Loving these! Super sharp and super strong. They are just perfect i mostly use the 3/16oz 3/0 & 1/4oz 3/0

From: Sonny: Wareham, MA United States

Comments: Pumpkin Ed's are the absolute best shakey head on the market in my opinion. I have literally caught hundreds of bass on them and of course after a few fish on each one, I have to hit the tip of the hook with a hook hone but that should be done anyways. The hook has never straightened on me and I have caught fish up to 5 pounds on them. Great Product

From: Matt: Denver, NC

Comments: I like the design. Only problem is the screw is too little for big worms. Also it could use a stronger hook. Mine bent out of shape after fighting a 3 pounder.

From: Mike: Onalaska, WI

Comments: I tried both these and the X-Lock from Xcite Baits.  Very similar in style but the quality of the Xcite product is much higher.  Spring is better and the hook point didn't roll up like the Yum did. 

From: Jery: San Antonio, TX

Comments: These work great.  The only thing i HATE about them is the nose screw is far too short and far too skinny for throwing those long and bulky worms.  the R/D team at YUM didn't do a very good job there.  Also, i have had a couple of the screws break completely off while fighting/landing a fish.  Another thing be sure to buy extra worms for them, 2 reasons, 1 they work and 2 you will throw several worms off on the cast b/c of the small nose screw.  I have thrown at least 5 worms off in a total of maybe 5 hrs of fishing. I would reccomend buying them, as a matter of fact i have since bght more. 

From: Wilson: OK

Comments: I love these things. I use to use the spot removers but I never really liked the size or shape of the hooks. But these things are awesome. They come in different weights and more importantly different hook sizes so you can find one to fit whatever presentation you are using at the time. I have caught many fish off of these and feel that I have a better hook up ratio than with the spot removers.

From: John: Anderson, SC

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