Z-Launch Watercraft Launch Cord

Z-Launch Watercraft Launch Cord

Launching your boat by yourself is as easy as 1-2-3 with the Z-Launch Watercraft Launch Cord!

1. Attach the spring loaded clasp to the Eye hook of your watercraft.

2. Attach the stainless steel ring to your trailer winch hook. (EZ Launch recommends pulling out approximately 6ft of your winch belt before locking the winch)

3. Lock your trailer winch.

After steps 1, 2, and 3 are complete, detach all safety and tie down straps from your trailer to prepare your boat for launch.

Slowly back your trailer and boat into the water until boat floats backwards.

Slowly pull vehicle forward. This will cause the Z-Launch cord to expand as well as pull your boat towards the ramp. As the craft comes to rest at the boat ramp, continue to pull vehicle forward until trailer is clearly out of the water.

Now you can detach the Z-Launch cord by releasing the trailer winch and unsnapping the ring and clasp from the trailer and watercraft. Secure your boat to the dock or shore and park your vehicle

-Helps you launch by yourself
-Will expand to 20 feet
-Backed by a 1-Year Warranty
-Made in the USA


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Customer Reviews

Comments: well my z launch luv it till it snapped at ring an there went my boat I had it over a year by one month. so I'm screwed on warranty, I will go back to nylon rope. don't recommend it if you have a 21ft bass boat. unless u like swimming!


Comments: This was the easiest I have ever launched my boat solo. This is the greatest thing since bass fishing was made a sport. Fort small bass boats like my tracker, I just let out a foot of toe strap and it's is the bestest

From: Eldon: Fort Smith, AR 4/4/15

Comments: Works as advertised, super product.

From: Biff: Harrisburg, PA

Comments: Freaking GREAT idea and works perfect! no more pulled back muscles or wet feet!! Thanks Tackle Warehouse!

From: Jerry: Oklahoma City, OK

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