The Z Man Chatterbait Pro 2 is designed to swim in a pronounced side-to-side motion that mimics wounded prey. The Z Man Chatterbait Pro 2 offers the action of a crankbait, the profile of a jig, and the flash of a spinnerbait. This deadly combination is the reason thousands of anglers have made The Z Man Chatterbait their go-to lure. Available in a range of colors, the Z Man Chatterbait Pro 2 features a multi-color EZ Skirt and holographic foil on the chatter-blade.


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Customer Reviews

Comments: works awesome! Ditched the skirt and put on a lake fork lms. 

From: Reckon: TX

Comments: These thing have caught me LMB to sand bass, it works better if you trim the weed guard, dump the skirt and use a big hammer or zoom fluke as a trailer

From: MacLovin: LBC,CA

Comments: I caught a five pound 14 ounce bass on this lure. The color was white silver swirl. For a trailer i put a zoom white swimming fluke. I usually hit the rock lines with this in the middle if march when the span is in full force. if you don't get anything with this lure try rock lines or other different types of structures.

From: Lane: Porterville, California

Comments: The only upside to this lure is your arm will never be tired of pulling in too many fish, because you wont catch any.

From: yes sir: right here

Comments: This lure doesn't need a weedguard because the hook is so dull it won't catch weeds or fish. The hook is difficult to sharpen as well. The snap broke on one and I took preventive measures by replacing the snap on my other. Best of luck for future buyers.

From: Marco: TX

Comments: The Pro series baits are a definite improvement on the original. Even though the weed guard is thin it helps prevent some snags. I replace the skirts with bluegill colors and do well. I also crimp down the weed guard base with pliers because the first one I used lost the weed guard after a couple fish.

From: Evan: Bossier City, LA

Comments: love it best chatterbait on the market

From: Matthew: Ohio

Comments: Awful. Hooks couldn't catch a stump, weed guard protects against hookups, Booyah and Strike King chatter baits for me.

From: Nico: Michigan

Comments: I've tried multiple chatterbaits in different colors for multiple seasons in many different waters and have had limited success with them.  I've caught more pike and pickerel than anything else with them.  Only time this bait has been mildly productive is in cold water when the weeds are too thick to throw a lipless crank and I need something to make some god awful sound down there.

From: Massachusetts, USA

Comments: Chatterbait pro 2 with the skirt removed + swing impact fat 4.8 in male perch = Boom goes the dynamite!  9 lb bass from Big J's favorite lake.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

Comments: Just as effective as the original chatterbait, and I really like the red eyes.  I suspect they would be highly effective in saltwater, but haven't tried them there yet.  What I don't like are the skirt colors.  Nothing really matches what I am looking for, so I have switched out to green pumpkin and bluegill patterns.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

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