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Z Man Elaztech Split Tail Trailerz 10pk - $2.99

Z-Man is an industry leader in plastics technology, which explains why Z-Man Elaztech Trailerz are at the forefront of a revolution in soft bait performance. The defining characteristics that separate Elaztech Trailerz from other soft plastics are their life-like action, natural buoyancy and unmatched durability. Elaztech baits not only look great but they are also up to 10X tougher than other plastics. They resist nicks, cuts and tears, and that means you're likely to catch a lot more fish on Elaztech Trailerz before having to replace them. Insist on Elaztech Trailerz for your Z-Man Chatterbaits or other popular lures.

Do not mix Elaztech baits with standard plastic baits.

Length Quantity
4" 10

Comments: They actually work pretty good as a drop shot bait. Don't limit yourself to baits labeled specific for one technique. Just be creative and see what happens.

From: Tim: TX 6/28/14

Comments: Waste of money. My trailers melted and stuck together.

From: Roger: Minneapolis, MN

Comments: somebody from california obviously doesn't know how to use elaztech baits. These are my favorite trailers for spinnerbaits and chatterbaits, and they do not scrunch up as previously mentioned.

From: Cullen: Ashburn, VA

Comments: These trailers are garbage! It's a nightmare getting them on any hook as they have such a high elastic texture to them. They scrunch up when trying to put them on and through a hook to be used for a trailer to a spinnerbait. I tried 5 minutes making this work and decided to throw out the package. What a poorly made product.

From: Dakicka: San Diego, CA

Comments: Beware of Elaztech.  They are nice soft and very durable products, but they don't play nice with other soft plastics.  If you put them in with anything else, you will end up with a melted mess of ruined products.  Elaztech items like these trailers work, just make sure you store them separately.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

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Z Man Elaztech Split Tail Trailerz 10pk

7 Available Colors

  • Black
    Size Stock Qty
    4" 10+
  • Chartreuse Gld Flk
    Size Stock Qty
    4" 8
  • Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Qty
    4" 10+
  • Hot Chartreuse
    Size Stock Qty
    4" 10+
  • Red
    Size Stock Qty
    4" 5
  • White
    Size Stock Qty
    4" 1
  • White Pearl
    Size Stock Qty
    4" 4

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