Zappu Twin Blade

Zappu Twin Blade

Zappu of Japan has done it again with the Zappu Twin Blades. A perfect addition for your favorite swim jigs, spinnerbaits, jigs, chatterbaits or anything other baits you can think of, they offer a new look, and additional flash for a whole new presentation. The two, counter-rotating, willow-leaf blades with high quality swivels keep spinning on the fall and the retrieve, and a strong piece of rubber with a hook holder at the center provides a secure attachment. Available in gold, gunmetal, and silver, add a little flash to your baits with the Zappu Twin Blades.

Don't forget to check out video of Bassmaster Elite Series pro, Fred Roumbanis, talking about the Zappu Twin Blades and other great Zappu baits at the 2011 ICAST Show by clicking on the video icon below the main image.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These are very effecive and great to add to any swimbait, jig, spinner bait, buzz bait, or even put them on larger crankbaits! Although I am a big fan of the twin blade, I have also found making my own are much cheaper. I use Naked Baits Rattle Strap bands, some size 0 ball bearing swivels, size 00 split rings, any small willow leaf blades, a couple dots of super glue, and a pair of pliers to put a 45 degree bend at the tip of the blades. Using these materials I can make about 40 of my own for the the same price as 5 of the zappu twins. It only takes me about an hour, and I have found them to be just as effective at attracting a bite! I'm not downing Zappu, but these are a bit over priced! 

From: Jerry: Blue Island, IL

Comments: This is a very interesting product. I can say outright that any apprehensions I might have had pertaining to durability have flown out the window. These things hold up very well. I've really come to love using these as an additive for swim-jigs, chatter-bait, spinner-baits and the like. Beyond supplementing flash output, they afford the illusion of multiple prey items clustering together. Interestingly, each blade arm is fairly erratic, though un a subtle level. The resulting, non-methodical behavior helps to break up the image of moving baits. They are also excellent poised on a structure-jig (i.e. football-jig, etc.) ahead of the trailer. This draws attention on the initial drop, pulling fish in, and affords subtle glint when slowly dragged along bottom. The benefits are obvious w/ more aggressive retrieves, like stroking. Lastly, I've really found confidence with cutting one arm off, and pegging the remaining portion on the hook-shank of a Texas-rigged Skinny Dipper, Ammonite Shad, or the like. Peg it in place, towards the nose of the bait, w/ silicone tabs (i.e. Bait Buttons) of heat shrink tubing. If using a weighted-shank hook, slip it on over the eye of the hook before tying / rigging. If the weight is molded on the shank anywhere but the rear-most portion of the hook's 'belly', then pegging isn't necessary. Lastly, don't be opposed to slightly bending the ends of the blades, or even painting them to match your structure jigs / trailers.

From: Josh

Comments: The secrets out! If your looking to take your Alabama Rig to the next level, place one of these on each jig head for the ultimate "school of fish" or "bait ball" appearance.

From: Duane: Pinckney, MI

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