Zoom Big Dead Ringer Worm 8"

Zoom Big Dead Ringer Worm 8

The Zoom 8" Big Dead Ringer Worm is sure to be a winner whenever you need a big, thick, ribbon tail worm for any type of presentation. Zoom makes the Dead Ringer Worm out of a soft plastic that allows the long tail to wave and curl enticingly with the slightest movement of the worm, but they're tough enough to last for more than one or two fish. The rings on the body of the worm create quite a fish attracting disturbance and they feel soft and satisfying when a fish takes the bait, making the fish hang on longer. You can Texas-rig, Carolina-rig, or flip these big baits. They're great slow-fall baits with light weights. Great colors and lots of motion make the Zoom 8" Big Dead Ringer Worms surefire fish catchers under a variety of conditions.

Length Quantity
8" 10

7 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I rig these worms weedless and weightless swimming them on the surface through the weeds imitating a small snake, great action early and late

From: Randall: Chidersburg, AL 4/9/16

Comments: I Texas rig this worm in black/red flake exclusively for night fishing. The large tail provides good swimming vibration and the rings are just big enough to run your barb through. Throw it at a brush pile on braided line and get ready.

From: Conor: Lenexa, KS

Comments: I use these a lot at night, instead of a regular ribbon tail, I think the rings and the tail put off more vibration.  Great product

From: Daniel: Knoxville, TN

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