Zoom Centipede 4" 20pk

Zoom Centipede 4

The Zoom Centipede is an excellent choice for heavily pressured fish. These are "do nothing" worms that can make the difference between a good day or a bad day on the water. The Zoom Centipede has been used for years on a Carolina rig, but also is a great bait for shakey heading as well as split shotting, darter heads, Texas rigging or drop shotting. Its muted action and deadness appeals to fish, especially in cold water. The Zoom Centipedes slow life-less glide is indicative of the way the underwater world behaves at colder temperatures. All Zoom Baits also feature super soft, salt-impregnated plastic that bass will fight to hold on to.

Length Quantity
4" 20

10 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: If I was going to take someone bass fishing for their first time this is what I would give them. Carolina, Drop Shot, Flick Shake Head it doesn't matter, they will eat it. So simple to fish and so deadly. Love 'em!!!!!

From: Geo: MI 3/21/15

Comments: a wacky rigged June bug colored zoom centipede might be the best finesse lure out there for the potomac river when the fish have seen 1000 lures from the almost daily tournaments they have.  I've made about $8500 on this lure alone.

From: The Frog: VA 7/2/14

Comments: A great choice on a mojo rig or carolina rig when the bass are turned off. It doesn't look like much but it flat catches bass, especially during poor bites.

From: Tyler: Grand Junction, CO 4/18/14

Comments: Works great any way you rig it. My favorite way is to put it on a 1/0 or 2/0 straight shank and use it as a finesse punching bait.

Comments: I like this bait rigged any way, but i actually like it wacky rigged.

From: Riley: Atlanta

Comments: Best bait in the world. Cast this right to the tip of a pier in the bassmasters invational(my first cast of the tourny) let it sit for 3 seconds and wham 6.9 pounder in the boat. Took third over all the best is green pumpkin or somekin blue.

From: Bob: Detroit

Comments: Fished for 3 hours on a fluke with no bites today. Out of frustration, I remembered I had a bag of some of my, "old go to Zoom Centipedes" and decided to rig one up on a carolina rig. Bam, 6.7 lb bass in the boat!!!! I love em and thank goodness I was reminded again why the were once my soft plastic of choice.

From: David: Pflugerville, TX

Comments: These baits are simply amazing and they flat out catch fish!  I use these for dropshotting and flickshaking.  I've caught smallmouth and largemouth just using them straight out of the package.  However, I got creative and "modified" them to increase the action and change the presentation for both dropshotting and flickshaking and I have seen noticeable results in both the number of bites and hook ups.  As always, Zoom Plastics are pretty durable compared to a lot of soft plastics.  I've caught 5 smallmouth on the same piece before it tore off the hook.  That's testament enough to the durability. I bought them in Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Candy, and Smokin Blue and all 3 colors have produced for me.

From: Elijah: Seattle, WA

Comments: I can not believe no one has written a review on this.This bait is money in the bank.When things are tough use this bait.I can not tell you how much money or how many bass I have caught on this bait.To much and to many to count.Great bait

From: Erick: Richmond, VA

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