Zoom Fat Albert Grub 10pk

Zoom Fat Albert Grub 10pk

The Zoom Fat Albert Grub offers a chunky profile and high action tail, which make it a great choice as a beefed-up trailer for your jigs, buzzbaits or spinnerbaits. The curly tail generates a bass-calling, fluttering action as soon as it hits the water, and the Fat Albert Grub's ribbed body offers an increased profile and texture bass love. Combined with Zoom's super-soft, salt-impregnated plastic composition and proven color combinations - once bass bite down on the Zoom Fat Albert Grub - they don't want to let go.

Length Quantity
3" 10

12 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought a pack of these last year and I found out they are one of the best all around bass lures on the market. Green pumpkin is the way to go. My daughter is 11 and she will not use any other lure.

From: Ryan: Corinth, MS 12/5/14

Comments: Awesome jig great action in the water. On my second cast I had a nice 4 pound bass hit it.  Even with the amount of force the bass had on the jig, the jig was undamaged and intact. Great quality is clearly shown along with the smooth design and swimming motion in the water.

From: Jacob: Chicago, IL 6/25/14

Comments: last fall i would texas rig one and slay white bass  all day long. Great bait for the price and very durable.

From: Will: IN

Comments: When the bite gets tough, I'll throw on a grub with a 1/8th bullet weight or 1/16th with a 2/0 hook. Don't matter the color. I'll take that dinker or perch but don't be surprised to get a 3 or 4 lb bass. Sometimes size don't matter

From: bass-o-matic: New York

Comments: While most folks were throwing swimbaits on the A Rig  i would put a couple fat alberts on mine and crush em. I would have 2 fat alberts and 3 swimmin flukes in a couple dif colors and 90% of the fish i caught would be on the grubs. Pickwick fish love the watermelon red ones. Had one of the best fishing days of my life and most of it was because of these grubs on the A Rig.

From: Will: Tuscumbia, AL

Comments: I think Zoom and Yum are different brands Matt ? What are you talking about ?

From: Bill: PA

Comments: My favorite grub by far,but I'm starting to notice a decline in quality.Not just this but all yum products.More dings and bubbles in the plastic.

From: Matt: Canton, MI

Comments: These grubs are Perfect for trailers on swim Jigs. They stay together longer Than most brands and the size is just right also @ 3" i mostly use Chartreuse Pearl.. With any color swim jig. They bass crush that color 

From: Sonny: East Wareham: MA

Comments: i used the white pearl zoom fat albert grub and caught a 7 lb largemouth bass the 5th cast in a lake! this product works great

From: Jimmy: Edison, NJ

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