Zoom Finesse Worm 20pk

Zoom Finesse Worm 20pk

These little Finesse Worms from Zoom are just the thing when the bite gets a tough or you're fishing clear or pressured water. The Finesse Worm is a small version of the popular Zoom Trick Worm and can be rigged in a variety of ways, including wacky style on a small hook, on a darter head, splitshot or on a shakey or finesse jig head. Zoom's soft, supple plastic is life-like to the touch and gives the Finesse Worm a seductive action that drives bass wild. All Zoom baits are also salt impregnated using Zoom's proprietary system, causing bass to hold on longer for a better catch ratio. Zoom continues to impress the bass fishing world with their innovative products that have been proven to catch fish all over the Country.

Length Quantity
4.5" 20

52 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Drop shot is the way to go with this bait. Caught 8 fish within and hour, all decent size.

From: Nathan: 9/21/16

Comments: This bait is astounding, I mean just look at all the positive review's, its incredible that a single lure can get so much recognition. I'm about to give it more as is I have recently purchased one hundred of these bad boys & I have been using them almost exclusively for almost 5 yrs now. As you may have guessed they are my go to lure I will use these any day all day no problem. Plus they are responsible for 5 of my pb fish. Including large & small mouth, pickerel & believe it or not trout. Not to mention they can be rigged in so many ways typically I fish them Texas rigged weightless & twitch it on the top like a popper jerk bait mix. They have a wiggle on the fall, good flexability, cent & price. All & all this bait has no down side accept for your rod tip. Fish on.

From: Eli: NY 2/29/16

Comments: A zoom finesse worm is my go to bait. the only way i fish them is on a drop shot. if the day is really tough & they wont bite anything they will definatly bite these on a drop shot

From: Matthew: TN 11/7/15

Comments: Used these worms for years causght over 100+ bass on them & my pb 12 pounder my favorite worm ever highly recommended.

From: Garrett: GA 10/6/15

Comments: I love these baits on a shakey head my go to if they are not bitin I have taken these up north form smallies cant beat them black junebug and green pumpkin for drop shotting

From: Matt: IL 2/25/15

Comments: I can't say enough about these baits, my go to bait on clear water lakes. My favorite way to rig them is on a 3/16 Charlie Brewer's slider pro heads and drag them on the bottom. My rod and real setup is a ML spinning rod with a quality spinning reel, and 6 to 8 # line. I have caught countless fish on these baits. Some of my favorite colors are, watermelon seed, green pumpkin , cherryseed, watermelon chart. Tail, and occasionally plum in stained water. Buy some, they are a great deal and they work great!

From: G Money: Knoxville, TN 2/22/15

Comments: i love this bait! i used to fish it weightless all the time, with a 2/0 Gamakatsu off set ewg it is perfectly weighted to sink slow and flat. However, I recently discovered that throwing one of these bad boys in green pumpkin on a shaky head equals big bites. I have not pulled a single fish in 4 weeks, but with the green pumpkin on a shaky head i pulled in 10 largies in an hour. including a solid 4 1/2 pounder. very impressed.

From: Alex: Forsyth, GA 10/22/14

Comments: Growing up out West, a 4.5" worm was kinda big. But I don't live out there no mo, so whatever. Since everyone and their mammy fishes a trick worm on a shaky head...you know what to do. I still prefer Netbait's version, but I am weird like that.

From: Jay6: USA 7/10/14

Comments: Wow this little worm just helped me land a ten pound bass! VERY durable. Perfect for clear water shakey head.

From: Michael: Oroville, CA 6/16/14

Comments: Awesome little bait. Great worm for any pond or any clear water situation. Had a pack for years and never used them until i decided to give them a try the other day. Def buying more

From: Michael: USA 5/31/14

Comments: Great bait, you cant fish it wrong, wacky, texas, dropshot, and shakeyhead.

From: Brodie: Selah, WA

Comments: Cant go wrong with these baits. Bass have been hammering them on dropshot!! I love to go with watermelon red flake.

From: Por: CA

Comments: The best soft bait ever, green pumpkin or watermelon seed =  monster bass

Comments: watermelon seed works great on a drop shot

From: Gary, TX

Comments: This worm has the same shape and action as the old Creme Scoundrel.  The first soft plastic worm I learned to fish in KY was the purple Creme Scoundrel.  Today, I use the green pumpkin, lemon pumpkin, watermelon seed, and red bug colors to catch almost any black bass species on KY lakes, creeks, or rivers.  Easily the best choice for finesse/shaky head presentation.  You get 20 worms for under $5.00!!  That makes this soft plastic one of the best values on the lure market today.

From: John: Lexington, KY, USA

Comments: this and the speed craws are my go to kudzu,watermelon red flake, and june bug keep it simple.

From: Russ: south carolina,USA

Comments: caught a 5+lb largemouth on this thing it was awesome!!!

Comments: These are great i live in florida and i fish the saint johns river every weekend for tourneys and you put these bad boys on a c-rig and drag it through a shell bed BOOM magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Wil: FL

Comments: these worms are good for shaky heading and also make very good spinnerbait and chatterbait trailers the tail just wiggles side to side on the retrieve and they wont add to much bulk to you spinnerbait!

From: Paul: WI

Comments: Great worms! drop shot, shakey head or ust texas rigged! watermelon or june bug are great colors!

From: Layne: OR

Comments: oh my gosh, I love this worm! I caught a 9 pound bass and a 7.3 pound bass off of a bed with this work in watermelon red. It works perfectly with a 3/16 ounce weight. It slays the big bass!

Comments: didnt catch anything the whole day until i used this

From: I$AI: San Diego, CA

Comments: best worm ever made!

Comments: Great product i use this lure in every body of water i go to always have one tied up they dont sell the color i use on here but if you can find it the name is kudzu color it is really bright colored but it gets lunkers. 14 oz bullet weight and your favorite worm hook your ready to go.

From: Nick: Ohio

Comments: Best shakey head bait out there. This worm is a killer when the bite is slow. Its won me a few tournaments during the winter and is more durable than you would think. Great worm.

From: Will: AL

Comments: Great bait! One of my favorite worms to rig wacky. I tear bass up at a local lake on these worms anywhere from 4-8 bass in a 2-3 hour trip. Rig these wacky on a finesse wide gap 3/0 hook, works like a charm. My top colors are watermellon red, watermelon seed, watermelon red w/ chart. tail. 20 worms for $4 cant beat that! Good fishing!

From: Joe: Southern NJ

Comments: This bait = money on tournament day. Rigging options are endless, drop shot, shaky head, texas rig, carolina rig, wacky, and more. This little worm catches numbers AND size.

From: Basswipe: Meatwads pond

Comments: really great worm. wack rigged works great, although it isnt very durable because it is so thin, texas rigged or weihgtless it is awesome, a very versatile bait.

From: Scotty: Vienna, VA

Comments: Best for  dropshotting, caught 38 fish in 1 day, ranging from the smallest to even the 5 lbers. rigged with #2 hook is deadly.  caught around 4 or 5 5 lbers. not bad for a day of fishin! best wacky rigged.

From: Silasa: Fresno, CA

Comments: I like to texas rig mine, and I like watermelon red, watermelonred/chartreuse, chartreuse peper,and watermelon magic.

From: Clayton: Carlyss, LA

Comments: Hands down this is a one of the best soft plastic worms on the market. even though it isn't a senko style bait i caught 90 percent of my bass last year wacky rigging it. also great for dropshotting and Texas rigging. a very versatile lure that is one of my favorites. Personally my favorite colors are Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Red, and Pumpkin.

From: Joe: Chicago, IL

Comments: My go to bait when it's tough, whether its on a drop shot, split shot or shakey head these always get the job done.  If one color doesn't work try another, they're always biting these.  Best colors for me are Red Bug, Green Pumpkin Magic, Okeechobee Craw if the water's dirty, and Smokin Shad if I'm around a bunch of shad.

From: Jake: Greer, SC

Comments: a GREAT bait for pressured waters!  Rig em texas-style on a 1/0 hook, spinning gear w/ 8lb test line, with a small splitshot about 12-18" up the line from the hook... my favorite color is watermelon red flake.

From: Tony: Charlotte, NC

Comments: if you got these worms in green ppkn,watermelon,an red bug you ready for anything

From: Doug: Blacksburg, SC

Comments: The zoom finesse worm is much better than zoom trick worm. I have got 10 bass in 1 hour. Zoom finesse worm is the best and I also like the Zoom magnum worm , the tail action is great! the best color for thw finesse worm is the bait fish color.

From: Alex: Long Island, NY

Comments: I got some of these with some shakey head hooks with a cork screw, i found that if you cut a little off of the head of the worm it will make a nice solid head and makes shakey head rigging with a corkscrew ALOT easier. Favorite color is key lime pie.

From: Matt: MN

Comments: This is a great worm. My favorite color is Junebug/Chart. and Tackle Warehouse doesn't carry it. I like to rig it with an Arkie jighead, 6-10 lb. mono, and a 6' spinning rod. One morning I caught a 13'' Largemouth  on my about my tenth cast, which is not a bad size for Northeast Ohio. I recommend this product to anyone 

From: Mayfield Heights, OH

Comments: These worms are amazing!  I recently caught about 30 rock bass and 20 smallmouth on these worms the biggest being a 5 1/2 pound smallie.  I have also caught multiple largemouth over 5 pounds and 2 over 6.  I rig them weightlessly and fish them on any shallow structure I can find.  MY favorite color is green pumpkin, I have caught the most fish off of that color.  I haven't just caught bass off of this lure, I have caught bluegill, catfish, pickerel, perch and even trout.  I highly recommend this product!

From: Peter: Connecticut, USA

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