Zoom Mag 2 Worms 20pk

Zoom Mag 2 Worms 20pk

The Zoom Mag II Worm is great when water temperatures heat up and fishing pressure begins to take its toll. Ideal for targeting bigger bass on a Texas-rig, especially when flipping and pitching into heavy cover, the Mag II is super soft to the touch for the proper action needed to pull that reluctant money fish. Available in various colors to suit your local waters, the Zoom Mag II is also salt-impregnated to hold even the most tentative bites.

"The Zoom Baits Mag II Worm is awesome for the mid-summer months - it’s a little thinner and its tail action is more subtle. I’ll drop down to a 5/16 or 1/4-ounce weight to give the worm a slower, more tantalizing fall." - Terry Bolton, FLW Tour professional angler and Zoom Pro Staff member.

Length Quantity
9" 20

15 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The redshad Zoom on a Carolina Rig has been killer for me the last three weekends! I caught two on back to back cast, one was 10.4 and the next was 10.6 and both cast were within a foot of each other. The next weekend I caught one that weighed 11.75 and yesterday (Labor day) I caught one that weighed just over 10 pounds. The redshad is my go to bait with plastic worms. I've been fishing with Zoom baits for years and now all mine friends are! Thanks for making an awesome bait!!

From: Mark: Letohatchee, AL 9/3/14

Comments: Netted my backseaters 10.8, caught on this worm. Junebug, dawg.

From: Meatwad: net biznatch

Comments: The perfect size! 10 inches is too big and 7 is too small, this is a great go-to worm

Comments: these are my go to worm I love it durable catches huge bass  just great pick up  a pack

Comments: Netted a 10.8 for my back seater on this worm. So yeah, it is rad.

From: Meatwad: Nettin

Comments: Some real good, no frills worms! Just a good 'ol plastic worm. Good durability , and you can go 2 or 3 fish on worm worm no problem. Fished these in early spring after having some warmer weather. Water temps were in the mid 50's, just casting to grassy areas with scattered boulders.

Comments: I fished a pack of these in red shad at lacassine on a texas rig and cought a 4.8 a 5 and a 6.8 in one month wile my brother cought a 9.3 and a 5.8 on the same bait. zoom make great baits they are all I use.

From: Clayton: Carlyss, LA

Comments: Definitely a good worm. I texas rig these alot and after using them for a while it has really become my go to worm. I love the green pumpkin color!!

From: Scott: Virginia

Comments: This has become my go to worm rigged with a straight worm hook and pegged 1/8 oz weight and worked slowly on f/c line. One negative that because of their soft design, durability is not one of their strong points as they have a tendency to tear after catching a couple hard fighters.

From: Matt: Lake Wales, FL

Comments: i was fishing this bait and i caught 4 fish one of them was a 5.0lb nice bait to use for bass and for big bass.

From: Chauncey: VA

Comments: Best worm i have ever used... put it this way... i casted 10 times and i caught 7 bass 5 over 2 lbs... 2 were 3 lbs. its a big lure and attracts big bass... tie a good knot cause the bass slam these bad boys.

From: Knox: Texas, USA

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