Zoom Magnum Swamp Crawler 15pk

Zoom Magnum Swamp Crawler 15pk

The latest addition to Zoom’s Magnum series, the Zoom Magnum Swamp Crawler is a full inch longer than the original, and offers the same tantalizing action. Capable of being fished with a multitude of techniques, the Zoom Magnum Swamp Crawler looks awesome on a shakyhead jig, wacky-style, weightless, Texas-style, Carolina-style, or on a drop shot. The salty scent and alluring action of the Zoom Magnum Swamp Crawler is sure to give your tackle a run for its money. The original Zoom Swamp Crawler has been a closely guarded secret among professional anglers for years, so it’s safe to surmise that the Zoom Magnum Swap Crawler will follow in its foot steps. Make your next trip a successful one with the Zoom Magnum Swamp Crawler… butt shhh… just don’t tell anyone. 

Length Quantity
6.5" 15

9 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Ive used this bait two weekends in a row. wore those bass out. I fished it slow on the bottom & the bass just picked it up. Awesome bait. watermelon/seed.

From: Don: USA 9/9/16

Comments: While the Magnum swamp crawler looked exactly as advertised, it did not perform as the regular swamp crawler did. when rigged Texas style, either with a sliding weight or a weighted hook (I use slider hooks), the Swamp Crawler tail never falls to bottom, but floats, but the Magnum Swamp Crawler lays flat on bottom. I think the floating tail attracts strikes better , but that's just my opinion

From: Lance: Waynesboro, MS 8/19/15

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