Zoom Meathead 4" 20pk - $3.49

The Zoom Meathead is and ideal bait for drop shotting,split shotting and fishing behind a darter head. The first inch and a half of the Meathead consists of a thick, beefy head, which then slims down through the tail into a flat paddle. Zoom's super soft plastic makes the Meathead extremely active under the water. Slowly twitched, the Zoom Meathead can entice bites even from bass with a case of lockjaw. The Zoom Meathead is a great choice for changing things up from your standard worms when the bite gets tough. All Zoom Baits feature life-like, super soft, salt-impregnated plastic that bass won't want to let go.

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4" 20
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Zoom Meathead 4

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  • Green Pumpkin
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  • Green Weenie
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  • Morning Dawn
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  • Watermelon Red Flake
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  • Watermelon Seed
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Comments:  this is the best bait when you have to do drop shot rig. I Use in watermelon red. My go to bait in clear water and pressured fish.

From: Gabriele: Italy

Comments: These are great cold-water smallmouth baits!!

From: Nick: IL

Comments: Green pumpkin is a killer drop shot bait on the Tennessee river system !!!

From: Robbie: Knoxville, TN

Comments: I picked these lures just to try them some months ago and I'm completely delighted with them. Spanish bass just love them. Split shoted with a 0.8 gr or weightless are nothing but lethal. I miss the WM Blue colour.

From: Spain

Comments: I picked these up for drop shotting and I couldn't be happier the price is great and the fish seem to love them both largemouth and smallmouth just wish there were more colors available at TW.

From: Justin: Redmond, OR

Comments:  have used this super soft finesse worm for several months now and have had much success with it. I have the most luck using it with a split shot rig or using a 1/16 oz. jig rigged Texas style. Try this with your finesse presentations...it's an effective option for large mouth.

From: JR: Aiken, SC

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