Zoom Super Hog 10pk

Zoom Super Hog 10pk

More compact than the original Zoom Brush Hog, the exciting Zoom Super Hog will quickly become one of your favorite flip baits when you're working thick cover. The long, clinging tails on the Brush Hog have been replaced with a flat, thin, splitable tail that will slip through small holes in moss mats, grass, and pads, and will not wrap around sticks, rushes, or tules. The Super Hog will allow you to slip your bait into tight spots, where the bass live. The body of the Zoom Super Hog is thick and tough and will hold your hook securely. This long awaited bait has already proven itself a fish catcher in tough bite situations and will produce for you as well.

Length Quantity
4" 10

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12 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Fished this bait for two straight days before I ran out absolutely love them caught 2 5 pounders and one that was. A 7.6 pound monster can't get enough of them in junebug


Comments: Been fishing Zoom products for a long time. For some reason I'm just discovering the Super Hog's. Love them. Compact bait that is great for punching.

From: Kevin: Morgan City, LA 12/30/14

Comments: I fished these in the Spring of '14 on a well known Midwestern lake and the largemouth and a few smallmouth were all over them. My only dislike was I only had one pack of them. We nicknamed this bait the "cheater bait." My fishing partner picked up one of my old baits that was all chewed and torn up and finessed it on his hook and he literally caught 6 bass in a row. Some guys say this is a "no action" bait, but that's EXACTLY what those bass want earlier in the Spring.

From: Steve: USA 11/29/14

Comments: I usually spend most of my time flipping beavers. Last weekend I was on a lake for the first time that had a lot of weeds around the docks and my beavers were getting hung up. I happened to have a single pack of super hogs. I figured their profile would slip through the weeds better than the beaver but have similar action to a beaver. Boy, was I right. Caught many bass first time using these and the proved very durable. I've found my new favorite bait.

From: Greg: Danville, PA 6/29/14

Comments: I am gonna buck the trend here and say these things are stupid. I read all the reviews and got 5-6 packs. No action. If I want that, I will fish a straight tail. Two weeks of trying these and nothing. Sure, tell me I don't know how to fish, but this one is amazing... amazing how many people like it for how lame it is. I'm gonna cut them into jig trailers.

From: Jay6: USA 4/20/14

Comments: Love this bait! Flipped this bait through willow bushes and fallen timber and it slides through great! nice compact bait and it catches fish for sure! my buddy had me use it for the first time today and now I WILL be getting some asap because this is my new favorite flipping bait!!! It caught us a limit on a lake where nobody else were hardly catching anything! great bait!

From: Mat: OH

Comments: Love this bait. It flat out slams pond bass in the bullfrog color flippin to weeds or cover GREAT BAIT

From: Beavis & Butthead: FL

Comments: AMAZING bait. Fish the junebug in the spring crawling it in the shallows is killer. Caught a couple 3 pounders in an hour of fishing. texas rig this in the weeds and you wont regret it.

From: Jeremy: San Jose, CA

Comments: Very versatile bait! The narrow body allows it to work through mats very well, but it is just as good pitching to stumps and isolated cover. I've even had good success split-shotting it in tough conditions. They just can't seem to lay off of it!

From: Jim: KY

Comments: Bought a pack of blue saphire on clearance. Started flipping/pitching them when fishing bushes, mats, really gunky/clingy stuff. Slides through and under this stuff nicely. One of the best things about it is how it holds a straight shank flippin' hook. It stays in place better than chigger craws and other plastics. But it does not get in the way of hook penetration. I don't know what this is supposed to look like, but I have been really impressed with the bites it gets. Great bait. Will buy more. 

Comments: great bait. caught a 7.4 lb bass on this watermellon red is the way to go for this bait.

From: Alec: Highland, IL

Comments: This is a great bait to throw on a carolina rig or a split shot rig. Its smaller size will get you more bites compared to other beaver style baits. Green pumpkin, dip the twin tails in spike it dip and dye;)

From: Juan: Washington D.C.

Comments: A great alternative to sweet beavers in my book. Their tail end is very similar to that of a beaver bait, so half the time I end up using these as jig trailers instead of beavers because these are a bit cheaper.

From: James: Illinois, USA

Comments:Another great soft plastic from the people at Zoom. Caught 8 straight largemouth on the watermelon red flake pegged with a bullet sinker; smallest was a 3 pounder. Just remember to separate the tails, they come stuck together.

From:Gerard: New York, USA

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