The plastic worm has been around for a long time ever since Mr. Creme brought out the original and not a lot had changed until the advent of the Original Zipper Worm. Any three bass fishermen in the world could sit down together and you would have three different opinions on just about any fishing subject you would care to name but one thing everyone would have to agree on is that fish don't have hands. Now, that might not seem like an earth shattering conclusion but what it means to us is that in order for a bass to investigate something new in it's world since all the tactile nerves are in it's mouth it has to pick it up and feel it with it's mouth. We associate taste with the mouth but the geniuses at Roboworm went a step further and figured something that felt good and natural to a bass would keep it's attention longer consequently causing it to keep it in it's mouth longer giving Joe Bassangler more time to realize he'd been bit and maybe hook a few more of those selective, educated bass.

Well, the idea works and Roboworm has sold literally tons of colored plastic with soft, bass-pleasing ribs, catching more fish and winning more money than almost anyone else in the industry. Since the original 5" Zipper worm came out, Roboworm has added some great worms to their lineup. The 4" Roboworm Zipper jr. is a smaller version of the original and the 3 1/2" paddle tail grub is a winner when you have to downsize. For a more traditional approach try the 5" and 6" Zipper Shakin' Worms for standard Texas Rigs or however you want to fish a worm.

Roboworm also has a great lineup of straight tail worms. The 4 1/2" Straight Tail is amazing as a dropshot bait, a splitshot worm or anytime you need a true finesse worm. The 6" Roboworm Straight Tail is also great for dropshotting and is the perfect complement to a darter head. Try the fatter 7" Straight Tail for Texas or Carolina rigging.

The most recent additions are the Roboworm FX Special Effects Series worms. These worms are above and beyond anything anyone else can do and you have to see the Special Effects worms to believe them. Dots, dashes, and stripes are poured inside giving a true 3D look. Roboworm Special Effects worms come in a variety of styles including the 4" and 6" Sculpin with a lifelike head and dorsal fin and a 3D tail. With the Roboworm Sculpin are the 4", 6" and 7" Straight tail worms and the 3" Tiger Leech.

We also carry the 4 1/2" and 6" Roboworm Curly Tail worms in all the colors and the finesse and dropshot Leeches (3" and 4") and the hard to find Roboworm Body Shad, normally sold in Japan only. Check out our selection of jig trailers new from Roboworm, the Kickin' Craw. The colors are great and the action of the 'claws' is irresistible to any bass.

What is truly unique about these Roboworms is the unbelievable consistency of color from worm to worm. Buy a pack of Aaron's Magic or Margarita Mutilator this year and compare them to the worms you buy next year and you'd think a machine was making these handpours. Well, that's exactly what the case is, Roboworm uses custom designed, computer controlled, precision pouring equipment to produce layers of colors that were possible only from hand pours in the past. The plastic is the perfect soft texture that bass love and with the exclusive Salt Release System built into each worm the fish will get a burst of salt that will make them hang onto the bait longer for more effective hooksets. If you've never tried Roboworms you will be amazed at the variety and clarity of the colors and if you've fished them before you know what consistent fish producers they are and you can find every style and color Robo makes right here on the Tackle Warehouse Website.

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