d/Damiki Slim Jack Jerkbait

d/Damiki Slim Jack Jerkbait

The Damiki Slim Jack is a shallow running jerkbait that will dive 8 to 16-inches in depth then slowly rise on the pause.  A great bait for spooky post-spawn fish or highly pressured lakes, the Slim Jack has an excellent darting and wobbling action.  Available in all of the winning Damiki’s colors, check out what FLW Angler of Year, Brian Thrift, has to say about the Damiki Slim Jack, as well as, other new baits from Damiki at the 2010 ICAST Show. (Click on the video link below the image)

Damiki Length Weight Depth
Slim Jack 4-1/3" 7/16oz 8-16-in

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

6 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  Quality Bait. Good Colors. The bait is a high floater which is great for super shallow, very fast retrieves. Damiki uses the worst hooks. They are blunt out of the box, many cannot even be hand sharpened. Just plan on changing the hooks out before you get on the water.

From: Nate: WA

Comments: Seems hard to find a jerkbait that stays right under the surface much less a decent sized one! Great for when they aren't sure about coming up for that topwater. You can just see the quality in this lure even the packaging is nice! Love it! Hard to fish wrong and would make a great addition to anyone's arsenal

From: Wesley: Rogersville, AL

Comments: Wow this bait is freaking great. it was just what i was looking for. Ive been flat out destorying with this thing. some tips for u guys who wana try em. 1- use em mid- to late morning when they wont comite to a topwater or spinnerbait. 2- work em extremly fast witha rip rip rip rip pause rip rip rip rip rip pause action FAST as ur reel will let u. 3- Use a long cranking stick perferably 7'6 - 8 ft mh with 30 lb braid or 14-16lb floro with a high speed casting reel

From: Kevin: SoCal

Comments: Great lure, comes thru the weeds clean. Been catching nice keeper size bass on them.

From: Paul: Indiana, USA

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