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The ABT Multi-Jig Heads were created to optimize the swimming motion and hooking power of ABT's incredibly lifelike and durable Multi-Minnows. Use them individually or teamed them up with the ABT Multi-Rig System to create an incredibly realistic bait ball that triggers multiple, simultaneous violent strikes. Combining premium Mustad 60-degree hooks with a truer tracking head design, the ABT Multi-Jig Heads maximize the performance of any swimbait or grub, and are available in a "tiered" size assortment to improve the keeling of any umbrella rig. The Multi-Jig Hooks feature a 4/0 Premium Mustad Jig Hook in both the 1/8 and 1/4 oz heads.

5 per pack (include two - 1/8oz, three - 1/4oz)

Pair the ABT Multi-Jig Heads with the ABT Multi-Minnows and/or re-outfit the ABT Multi Rig System for the "ultimate umbrella rig."

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