Baker Culling Kit

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Baker Culling Kit
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Offering tournament-class culling, the Baker Culling Kit gives anglers an easy way to rank and identify fish with its brightly colored 10-piece system. Designed to work hand-in-hand with the Baker Electronic 30lb Scale and the Baker Grip N Weigh 30lb Electronic Scale, the culling tags in the Baker Culling Kit are numbered from 0-9 to match the digital memories of both scales for quick and easy use.

Additionally, the Baker Culling kit can also be used with manual weight recording cards and any type of mechanical or electronic scale. The stainless steel clips are easy on fish and ensure a healthy catch and release. Built with a rot-resistant cord and durable plastic floats, the Baker Culling Kit is an easy way to makes sure that your best 5 make it to the dock. 

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