BOSS Lead Punch Hub 10pk - $4.99

Take your punching setup to the next level with the customized touches offered by the BOSS Lead Punch Hub. Incredibly easy-to-use, the BOSS Lead Punch Hub works in conjunction with the Skirts Unlimited Skirt Making Tool and the BOSS Skirt Rings BOSS Skirt Rings to give anglers a quick, effortless way to build custom skirts.

To use the BOSS Lead Punch Hub, simply prepare the skirt-making tool as you normally would, insert the BOSS Lead Punch Hub into the tool, and then slide the BOSS Skirt Ring over the skirt and into the groove. Cost effective and fun, the BOSS Lead Punch Hub gives you the overwhelming satisfaction that comes with catching fish on something you've made yourself. 

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BOSS Lead Punch Hub 10pk

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BOSS Lead Punch Hub 10pk $4.99

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