Berkley's development of the Chigger Craw has once again raised the bar when it comes to realistic soft plastics. The Berkley Chigger Craw is designed to mimic a crawfish. The small appendages on both sides of the bait and the claws move through the water with a fluent lifelike action. The Chigger Craw can be effectively fished on a Texas Rig for flippin' or used as a jig trailer to bulk up the bait. The realistic texture and Powerbait scent impregnated into every Chigger Craw will give you the advantage the next time you are on the water.

Length Quantity
3" 8
4" 7
5" 4

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Don't know why Berkeley changed a great product. These don't kick or produce like the old ones.

From: Bryce: Trabuco, CA

Comments: These are the perfect jig trailer in 3" green pumpkin or black blue flake.

From: Jordan: RI

Comments: This stuff works on all has a really strong scent to it.

Comments: I got the watermelon candy ones and rigged them on a strike king jig. Let me tell you bass kill this thing. Amazing. Will buy me some more

From: Austin: GA

Comments: This bait works great on the back of a jig head. I found great luck in using the watermelon color on the back of a fin tech jig head.

From: Jed: ME

Comments: These are awesome. i just used them texas rigged and i kept pulling in three pounders and thats good for Vermont. definitely worth the money. the only problem is they rip kinda easy but that is with most soft plastics.

From: Ellis: VT

Comments: Yeah I agree get the 3". With the 3" it fits perfectly and you won't have to cut off any of it and it has amazing action when it's just those claws hanging off the back of the skirt and they just sit there and float and flutter while that jig sits on the bottom, bass love em'!

Comments: Definitely use the 3" for jig trailers, 4" is too darn big unless you're throwing a jig that's over an ounce you could get away with matching a 4" craw with it. Other than that stick with the 3". Green pumpkin is my go to color for trailers, they go good with just about any color jig. Easily the best!

Comments: There's been many times I've out fished guys and been outfished with jigs becasue didnt have these as trailers. It's a fact! The 3 inch claws are too small for jigtrailers. Get the 4 inch. You'll have to cut off that top section of body but it's the best way to do it. Dont buy the milion imitators, get the originals. Here in socal the bitw is always tough. Real men throw jigs for qual. Real men throw chiggers. If it's not that, it's the Yamamoto 5 inch twin tails (not the 4's and not the imitators, and sometimes pork).  All a no brainer realy.

Comments: I love these baits and so do the largies! My favorite colors for late summer bassin' are watermelon, green pumpkin and sapphire blue Texas rigged on a 4/0 ewg. Try the 3 inchers as jig trailers and you'll be in business!

From: Manny: TX

Comments: I only seem to catch rock bass and smallmouth bass on these, but hey, smallmouth?? you can never go wrong with smallmouth 5 stars

From: Kendog: WI

Comments: I can't get enough of these. I love to use soft plastic craws and this is the most productive one I use. They always manage to put fish in the boat for me no matter what. You can do anything with these and they'll work. They work best for me on a texas rig, on a shaky head, or as a jig trailer. You can't go wrong with green pumpkin.

From: John: Chicago, IL

Comments: Amazing baits i flipped these for a third place finish in a tournament. I just wished they had them in junebug.

From: Ryan: Lakeland, FL

Comments: i agree with grant wisconsin bass loves the cinnamon purple flake

From: Mang: WI

Comments: This bait is amazing the bass hammer the cinnamon purple flake.

From: Grant: Oshkosh, WI

Comments: wow just wow first cast and i caught a 7lber! rigged a 3" with a 1/16 oz bullet weight and size 1 ewg hook with 20 lb braid and a 8 lb leader its just amazing buy it you wont regret it

From: Ricky: Orange, CA

Comments: Just went through a whole pack in four hours of fishing. Caught over 100 bass and a couple nice pike!!! LOVE these baits.

From: Bradley: Montreal, Canada

Comments: put this on as a jig trailer and the fish absolutely clobbered it. seemed to stay on fairly well. roughly 3 fish per bait. they were eating it so well, it took longer to unhook the fish than to catch them.

From: Matt: CO, US

Comments: Work great on a shaky head or a wide gap hook behind a split shot.

From: Bradley: Montreal, Canada

Comments: Best craw out there I have 5 out 9 colors of this bait. Very good for different uses really like the 3",5" ,and the 4" has to be my all time favorite size because I caught my biggest bass on the cinnamon purple flake color ,also my secondary color would be black red flake . You can't go wrong with this bait and the scent really works . It's  very durable for the money . I have learn even if you have one claw on this bait body still throw it you would still caught fish. Best rigging tip was a 1/8oz all terrain mighty jighead (black ) with a 4" chigger craw ( cinnamon purple flake ).

From: Erik: IL

Comments: Great jig trailer. Killed em with a 4 inch and a homemade jig

Comments: WOW..these 5" craws are an absolute beast.cant wait to use these on some summer hogs,these will be sure to get some HUGE bass.i love these plastics.

From: Steveo: USA

Comments: AMAZING BAITS!!! bought a pack of these in green pumpkin the other day and flipped my way through an entire bag equaling out to 23 largies!!! will be buying several more bags in all colors. Berkley for life!

From: Tyler: Cincinnati, OH

Comments: do yourself a favor get a bag of 3" blue and black, some boss 3/16oz finesse jig heads (blk) and boss blue and black skirts. you wont be sorry!

From: Justin: Dirty Jersey

Comments: This is an amazinz bait! It really gets the Bass and Northern Pike going in summer time when they are bighting really light. I have had 4 northerns hit it and i only caught 1 of them that hit the lure. me and my brother have probably caught 8 bass total on this lure. My favorite color on this lure is black with red flake. great bait berkely keep making awsome baits. I rate this bait a ten out of 10.

From: Nick: Lakeville, MN

Comments: Great for use on Jigs as trailers. But really good for punching or flipping and pitching to cover. Green pumpkin NEVER FAILS ALL YOUR ROUND

From: Sonny: Eat Wareham, MA

Comments: This is my go to bait!! Has out fished all other plastics this year. Deadly for smallmouth and largemouth. Great bait, just wish it was a bit more durable.

From: Aaron: NY

Comments: this thing catches fish... but they arent as durable as yum, reaction innovations & strike king rage tail

From: Matt: Carbondale, IL

Comments: BEST CRAW EVER!!! i just orderd 4 packs of these all in 4 inch. got em in cinnamon purp flk, green pump blue, watermelon, and pumpkin green flk. have cought fish on all colors. this bait catches BIG fish. berkley scent as always, which adds to its super softness, but durable. if you dont have a couple bags GET SOME you wont be sorry.

From: Moose: MI

Comments: Works GREAT as a trailer on jigs. The legs flutter on the fall, really gives a lot of added action. Buy a few packs. You'll be glad you did.

From: Chris

Comments: The 5''chigger is huge this bait is goin to put PIGS in the boat cant wait to flip this thing.

From: Beau: MN

Comments: Flip this baby in pads with a 3/8 oz. tungsten weight, you won't be sorry.

Comments: The 3"Craw is a great trailer on a Strike King Bitsy Bug for both largemouth and smallmouth. The 4"Craw is a killer flipping bait with a 3/0 wide gap hook and 3/8 sinker. Can't wait to get my hands on the larger craws!

From: Gene: Albany, NY

Comments:The 3" Chigger Craw has been my go to trailer on football jigs for 2 years now. I just started flipping and pitching with them on my other jigs. They are perfect.

From:Matt: Broken Arrow, OK

Comments:I rigged this bait with a 1/2oz Tru Tungsten flippin weight and a 4/0 Owner and flipped a boat full of toads.

From:Jesse: Phoenix, AZ

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