Captain Ken Daubert has been making bass fishing frogs for over 30 years - continually enhancing and improving their designs. Utilizing the full extent of his knowledge and experience, the Captain Ken’s Clone Series Bass Frog delivers incredibly weedless performance. Designed to slide over vegetation and dive under lily pads with ease, it is also composed of a durable yet spongy foam material that will allow it to endure many battles with big bass.

Bringing the Clone Series Frog to life is rather simple. Pull the frog forward, and it's legs will extend behind it, and as you pause it, the legs will slowly move forward, producing the lifelike swimming motion only the Captain Ken's Clone Series Frog can provide. A specialized "Cross Planar" hook stays weedless thanks to its unique weedguard, while also delivering excellent hooking capabilities. If you are looking for a frog with a natural swimming motion that has been proven to fool bass time-and-again, tie on Captain Ken’s Clone Series Frog.

Captain Ken's Frog Skitter Leg/Stinger Hook Kit

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This frog is the real deal. It has a very realistic swimming motion. I've had great success with it. The blow ups are at times spectacular. And it seems to attract the larger bass. I haven't had a lot of success in open water, but in pads and along the shoreline it is very effective. Look for places that have lots of cover. It takes a little practice and a little patience. It's not a lure you skim across the water. A couple of short bursts and let it sit for a few seconds. They usually strike when the legs return to their at rest position. Of all the lures I've tried, this one is the most fun.

From: John: Media, PA 10/19/14

Comments: I just want to say that Ken is THA MAN! The best customer service!

From: Rui: Queluz, Portugal

Comments: This is hands down the best topwater lure I have ever used!  The bass and especially the snakeheads destroy these things.  These are better then the live target and strike king frogs by far!  I have bought frogs from all parts of the world, thailand, singapore, etc and they also cannot compare.  If you are serious about catching big fish you need these frogs!  You will not be disappointed!

From: Matt: MD

Comments: The words said above simply do not make sense to me. These are a pain to keep together. The weed guard is a joke - the legs were lost before a fish was even caught. I trusted this frog. I believed in this frog. I wanted this frog to work - end result, nothing.

From: Ryan: WI

Comments: The Stinger Hook from the Kit will slip right on with the Kicking Legs in seconds, and the Skitter Legs with the Stinger --- hook everything. I know from personal experience that the stinger hook gets even small adventurous crappie

From: Tommie: Brandon, MS

Comments: These frogs are amazing !!!!! The fish just annihilate these things. I really like to put on the skitter legs and to small twitches with the frog in open areas in the thickest lilies you can find. The hawgs come screamin for these things. Also with the rubberband weed guard i will throw this frog over stumps and fallen trees and never get hung up. the hooks are strong as anything also, i caught a fish over a log drug the fish back over the log and boated him, all the time the hook stayed right in the corner of the fishs mouth. Down here ive had the most luck with the black and yellow and brown spotted bull frog. All i do is chunk frogs at fish and these are the best frogs on the market by far.You also dont have to stop ever time and sqeeze water out of the frog. I cant wait for frog season down here again.

From: Tommie: Brandon, MS

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