The Davis Baits Aaron Martens X-Wire Spinnerbait with a Colorado-Willow blade configuration was the bait Aaron Martens used to lead the first day of the 2011 Bassmaster Classic on the Louisiana Delta, as well as, land an eventual second-place overall finish - right behind Kevin VanDam.

While most spinnerbaits are either very durable with limited vibration - or produce tons of vibration, but have limited durability - the Davis Baits Aaron Martens X-Wire Spinnerbait is the only one to have both. The difference is in the wire. Davis Baits took a 0.41mm wire and tapered it down to 0.26mm. The wire is strong where it needs to be then tapers down out toward the end of the arm to illicit maximum flash and vibration from the blades. Each bait is also constructed in the US with all American-made components, and Aaron Martens even designed and hand-picked all of the colors (besides the standard favorites), himself, to deliver killer presentations you can’t find anywhere else.

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