Gamakatsu 60 Degree 614 Jig Hook 25pk - $11.99 to $12.99

Lure and jig customization not only saves money but allows you to create a jig that meets your standard. The Gamakastsu 60 Degree 614 Jig Hook can be used with conjunction with the Do-it Shaky & Shaky Screw Loc Jig Molds. The Gamakatsu 614 Jig Hook is light wired and great for finesse applications. Slight jig mold modifications maybe needed.

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Gamakatsu 60 Degree 614 Jig Hook 25pk

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Gamaktsu 60 Degree Jig 3/0 $11.99 2
Gamaktsu 60 Degree Jig 4/0 $12.49 5+
Gamaktsu 60 Degree Jig 5/0 $12.99 5+