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A magnum-sized swimbait designed for attracting huge fish, the Deps Slide Swimmer 250 is completely silent as it swims. Even the hinges of the jointed-body are precision engineered not to make a sound. Its body is constructed from a hard polyurethane foam material covered by a soft plastic materia, which makes it feel more realistic to fish when they bite down. This lipless swimbait also features extremely realistic detailing, including accurate coloring, 3D eyes, as well as, life-like scale patterns and gills. Deps is known throughout Japan as one of the premiere lure manufacturers, and the Deps Slide Swimmer 250 has all of the features you need to catch that bass of a lifetime.

Deps Length Weight Class
Slide Swimmer 250 10" 6.5oz Slow Sinking
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Comments: This bait is amazing. Very good action with the proper retrieve speed, and it WILL produce your PB.. It did for me!!

From: Shannon: CA 10/19/15

Comments: BBZ?? all im going to say is you get what you pay for, yes this bait breaks the pocket at over a 170 bucks but it will last you a long time. I've had mine for over a year now and its been through hell and back still holding up. I've caught my personal best on this bait large mouth and stripped bass. Ill agree to max so cal just so it might turn more people away from buying it so i can get another one.

Comments: Awesome bait! Worth the money, if you can find one!! The guys below are lying, the rubber shell is very durable and ive never heard of the bait locking up, EVER!

Comments: Unfortunately, this bait is garbage. Almost as bad as Jerry Rago's Glideator... Except for a premium price tag. The baits soft plastic outer shell starts to tear after a couple of trips and the bait's joint lock in place during the retrieve. The hooks and split rings are very cheap, very irritating from a $150+ bait. Very unrealistic action.... Not worth the money.... Use a BBZ-1, everyone knows those are the bee's knees.

From: MAX: SoCal

Comments: The particular bait that I received had problems with the joints locking up and it swimming/gliding on its side. Needless to say, it is now at the bottom of the lake!!

From: Rick: CA

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